Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF3720.Z95 U5 Legislative trends in public relief and assistance, December 31, 1929 to July 1, 1936 / 1
KF3720.Z95 U5 1913 Summary of state laws relating to the dependent classes, 1913. 1
KF3720.5 .B3 The welfare family and mass administrative justice
The welfare family and mass administrative justice /
KF3720.5 .S627 SPAARS, Single Purpose Application with an Automatic Referral Service : the legal constraints study / 1
KF3721 Social work and the courts : a casebook / 1
KF3721 .H36 1979 Protecting the social service client legal and structural controls on official discretion / 1
KF3721 .R43 1994 Social work malpractice and liability : strategies for prevention / 1
KF3721 .R43 2015 Risk management in social work : preventing professional malpractice, liability, and disciplinary action / 1
KF3721 .S37 1995 The legal environment of social work / 1
KF3721 .S53 2011eb Social work practice and the law / 1
KF3721 .S74 2004 The role of law in social work practice and administration / 1
KF3721.5.A3281989 A15 1989i Domestic Volunteer Service Act Amendments of 1989 P.L. 101-204, 103 Stat. 1806, December 7, 1989 / 1
KF3731.A1 O93 1993 Overcoming barriers to permanency : an annotated bibliography of resource materials for attorneys, judges, and managers / 1
KF3732.131988 .A15 1995i A guide to researching the child care component of the Family Support Act of 1988 1
KF3735 Les incidences de la biomédecine sur la parenté
Child abuse, family rights, and the child protective system : a critical analysis from law, ethics, and Catholic social teaching /
KF3735.A2 A33 2019i ABA National Conference on Access to Justice for Children and Families 1
KF3735.A2 A335 2019i ABA National Conference on Parent Representation 1
KF3735.A2 P77 1981 Protecting children through the legal system / 1
KF3735.A2 R43 1924i Recent progress in child welfare legislation papers read at a conference held in Washington, D.C., May, 1923 / 1
KF3735 .A75 1993 America's children at risk : a national agenda for legal action / 1