Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF228.R58 A33 1901i The so-called law of privacy as applied to the unauthorized use of one's portrait for advertising purposes a brief submitted on behalf of the defendants, in the case of Abigail M. Roberson v. Rochester Folding Box Co., et al. before the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York, March 1901 / 1
KF228.R59 B58 2020 Jane against the world : Roe v. Wade and the fight for reproductive rights / 1
KF228.R59 F38 1988 Roe v. Wade : the untold story of the landmark Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal / 1
KF228.R59 H85 2001 Roe v. Wade : the abortion rights controversy in American history / 1
KF228.R59 P73 2021 The family Roe : an American story / 1
KF228.R59 S37 1973i Analysis of the United States Supreme Court decisions regarding abortions Roe v. Wade, No. 70-18, and Doe v. Bolton, No. 70-40, decided January 22, 1973 / 1
KF228.R59 W47 2005 What Roe v. Wade should have said : the nation's top legal experts rewrite America's most controversial decision / 1
KF228.R59 Z54 2023 Roe : the history of a national obsession / 1
KF228 .R6 Libel and academic freedom : a lawsuit against political extremists / 1
KF228 .R6 1968 Libel and Academic Freedom : a Lawsuit Against Political Extremists. 2
KF228.R62 R62 1861i In the Supreme Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, of January term, 1861, no. 129 error to the District Court for the City and County of Philadelphia : Henry Robinson and William H. Parsons trading as Henry Robinson and Company, plaintiffs in error, vs. Catherine Wallace, defendant in error : paper book of plaintiffs in error. 1
KF228.R63 R63 1800i The case of Mary Robinson vs. Solomon Musser 1
KF228.R63 S45 1996 A case about Amy / 1
KF228.R634 H85 2010 Roe v. Wade : the abortion rights controversy in American history / 1
KF228.R634 H85 2021 Roe v. Wade : the abortion rights controversy in American history / 1
KF228.R635 R635 1885i William M. Robinson, a citizen of the State of New York, vs. the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company 1
KF228.R637 R637 1971i Demetrio P. Rodriguez, et al. v. San Antonio Independent School District, et al. civil action no. 68-175-SA. 1
KF228.R64 S73 1843i Argument by Col. S. C. Stambaugh, counsel for plaintiff delivered on the seventh November, 1843, before the Board of Commissioners, under the Cherokee treaty of 1835-'36, in the case of J. K. Rogers, a Cherokee, against the United States, for spoliations committed by the State of Georgia in dispossessing him of a gold-mine. 1
KF228.R65 F7 Betrayal : the true story of the first woman to successfully sue her psychiatrist for using sex in the guise of therapy / 1
KF228.R667 R67 1968 Libel and academic freedom; a lawsuit against political extremists, 1