Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF228.M33 B77 1985 Outrageous misconduct : the asbestos industry on trial / 2
KF228.M33 M33 1954i E. J. McCurdy, Jr., trustee, et al., petitioners, v. A. O. Morgan, et al., respondents 1
KF228.M332 N49 1844i In chancery: before the chancellor : John Townsend and Abba his wife, and Augustus James and Elizabeth his wife, vs. James McBride and Hannah his wife, William James and others bill for partition of lands, etc. at Syracuse : Pruyn & Martin, solicitors. 1
KF228.M33285 E45 2007 Aggressive nationalism : McCulloch v. Maryland and the foundation of federal authority in the young republic / 1
KF228.M33285 K55 2006 M'Culloch v. Maryland : securing a nation / 1
KF228.M333 M33 1871i Mary McDonald, plaintiff and respondent, against the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of Albany, defendent and appellant: case and exceptions 1
KF228.M334 M34 1871i Michael McGrain, plaintiff and respondent against the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of Albany, defendant and appellant: case and exceptions 1
KF228.M335 M33 1879i John Mabee and Eliza Mabee, his wife, respondents, against Andrew Crozier, appellant appellant's points. 1
KF228.M34 M34 1829i Trial of a suit, brought in the district court for the City and County of Philadelphia by George M'Clellan, M.D. against Francis S. Beattie, M.D., for a libel 1
KF228.M345 M345 1873i John McIntire vs. Nath'l T. Talbot & als 1
KF228.M35 M35 1856i James McLallen and others, respondents, agt. David Jones and others, appellants David Jones, appellant, agt. James McLallen and others, respondents. 1
KF228.M356 A33 1901i Before the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission Harriet Adams vs. the United States, no. 344 : claimant's brief on defender's motion to dismiss petition / 1
KF228.M356 B88 1902i The responsibility of Spain for the destruction of the United States battleship Maine in Havana Harbor, February 15, 1898 and the assumption by the United States, under the treaty of 1898, of Spain's pecuniary liability for the injuries to, and deaths of, her officers and crew / 1
KF228.M356 F56 1902i [Letter from James A. Finch, librarian, Department of Justice, Washington, D.C., to Luther E. Hewitt, Esq., Feb. 10, 1902] 1
KF228.M356 G37 1902i Letter and petition of Francis Tracy Tobin, Esq., attorney for Maria Dolores Pino Vuida de Durio in the matter of claim before the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission to the members of the United States Senate and members of the House of Representatives.
Before the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission in the matter of the claim of Maria Dolores Josefa Garcia y Pino Viuda de Durio against the government of Spain: which the United States agreed to adjudicate and settle under Article VII of the Treaty of Peace: no. 385: brief of counsel for claimant on demurrer to petition /
KF228.M356 L96 1901i Before the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission brief in the matter of the motion filed by the Attorney-General on the 19th day of October, 1901, to dismiss the petition of Alexander Lynch. 1
KF228.M356 U55 1902i [Letter from Spanish Treaty Claims Commission Clerk to James A. Finch, Librarian, Dept. of Justice, dated July 7, 1902] 1
KF228.M356 U55 1903i Letter from the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission transmitting in response to the resolution of the Senate of December 9, 1903 : copies of the papers called for : December 14, 1903 : referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations and ordered to be printed. 1
KF228.M36 M36 1891i Manchester & Lawrence Railroad v. Concord Railroad Corporation record of proceedings and testimony before the referees / 1
KF228.M362 M362 1875i Mahlon H. Mandeville, respondent, against Schulyer C. Reynolds, appellant 1