Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF224.L54 F37 2015 A context and practice global case file : Thorpe v. Lightfoot, a mother's International Hague petition for the return of her child / 1
KF224.L64 H4 Strictly ghetto property; the story of Los Siete de la Raza. 2
KF224.L64 L64 2016 Justice failed : how "legal ethics" kept me in prison for 26 years / 1
KF224.L68 L69 2012 The Loving story / 2
KF224.L68 W35 2014 Race, sex, and the freedom to marry : Loving v. Virginia / 1
KF224.L87 C67 1918i The trial of Grace Lusk closing argument to the jury of Hon. Walter D. Corrigan of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, special counsel for the state / 1
KF224.M2J3 Busting the Mob the United States v. Cosa Nostra. 1
KF224.M2 J33 1994 Busting the Mob : United States v. Cosa Nostra / 2
KF224.M2 J33 1994eb Busting the Mob United States v. Cosa Nostra / 2
KF224.M2 R83 1992 The boys from New Jersey : how the mob beat the feds / 2
KF224.M215 A53 2001 Anatomy of the McMartin child molestation case / 1
KF224.M215 E23 1993 The abuse of innocence : the McMartin Preschool trial / 2
KF224.M23 M23 1901i Trial of Walter C. McAlister, Andrew J. Campbell and William A. Death for the murder of Jennie Bosschieter giving in full all the testimony, the rulings of the court and the arguments of counsel as taken from the transcript of the official stenographer. 1
KF224.M235 F67 1997 The great lobster war / 2
KF224.M235 F67 1997eb The great lobster war / 1
KF224.M237 L66 2006 Mapp v. Ohio : guarding against unreasonable searches and seizures / 1
KF224.M237 Z68 2005 Injustice for all : Mapp vs. Ohio and the Fourth Amendment / 1
KF224.M29 R57 1995 The Martinsville Seven : race, rape, and capital punishment / 4
KF224.M298 B47 1994 Witch hunt in Wise County : the persecution of Edith Maxwell / 1
KF224.M298 H38 2005 Never seen the moon : the trials of Edith Maxwell / 1