Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF220 .C68 no. 94c The trial and death of Henry Wirz with other matters pertaining thereto / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 95 The tragedy of Chicago a study in hypnotism, how an innocent young man was hyopnotised to the gallows, denouncements by savants. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 96 George Clapp & Frederick K. Ballou v. Boston & Albany Railroad Company auditors' hearing. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 96a In the matter of the claim of Geo. Clapp & Fred'k K. Ballou against the Commonwealth 1
KF220 .C68 no. 97 Speech of M. Russell Thayer, for the defence, in the case of the commonwealth against Thomas Washington Smith in the Court of oyer and terminer of Philadelphia county, January 16, 1858 / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 98 Commission of lunacy and examination in the matter of Lewis Clark 1
KF220 .C68 no. 99 Report of the trial of Willard Clark indicted for the murder of Richard W. Wight, before the Superior Court of Connecticut, holden at New Haven, on Monday, September 17, 1855 / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 100 Trial of Benjamin Shaw, John Alley, junior, Jonathan Buffum and Preserved Sprague for riots and disturbance of public worship in the Society of Quakers at Lynn, Massachusetts, before the Court of Common Pleas, held at Ipswich, Massachusetts, March 16th, 1882. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 101 A brief summary of the evidence in the Case of Samuel Darling Haynes, applicant for pardon and a partial list of persons who advocate the pardon / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 102 Speech of Henry L. Clinton, esq. to the jury, upon the part of the defense, on the trial of William Sccharffenberg, for the murder of Helena Meyer, in he Court of General Sessions, for the city and county of New York / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 103 Speech of Henry L. Clinton, esq. to the jury, upon the part of the defense, on the trial of John S. Cole, for the murder of Thomas Morton, in he Court of oyer and terminer, for the city and county of New York / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 104 Henrietta Coburn against Samuel Ward, Eber D. Ward, and Stephen Clement case. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 105 The Littlejohn libel suit the case of De Witt C. Littlejohn against Horace Greeley, tried at the Oswego term of the Supreme Court of the state of New York, at Pulaski, Sept. 10-13, 1861 ... / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 106 Report of the trial of William F. Comings on an indictment for the murder of his wife, Mrs. Adeline T. Comings : at the September term of the Court of Common Pleas holden at Haverhill, in the county of Grafton, N.H., A.D. 1843 : together with his life / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 107 Plea of Frank Comerford in defense of Carl E. Person's life 1
KF220 .C68 no. 108 A condensed statement of the evidence in the case, Mary Hannity vs. William O'Reilly, adm'r prepared for use on the hearing of the motion for a new trial .. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 109 The trial of George W. Congdon for the murder of Christopher G. Wilcox 1
KF220 .C68 no. 110 Argument of Hon. D.T. Corbin in the trial of the Ku-Klux before the United States Circuit Court. November term, 1871, held at Columbia, South Carolina. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 110a Proceedings in the Ku Klux trials at Columbia, S.C. in the United States Circuit Court, November term, 1871. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 110b When the Ku Klux rode 1