Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF220 .C68 no. 80 Trial of John R. Buzzell before the Supreme Court of Massachusetts for arson and burglary in the Ursuline convent at Charlestown. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 81 Proceedings of a court martial for the trial of Surgeon B.M. Byrne held at Fort Moultrie, S.C. on March 24th, 1859. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 82 The trial of Charles Stevens, for the murder of Charles Henry C. Stevens before the Supreme Judicial Court at York, April term, 1823 / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 83 Trial of Oscar T. Caldwell late a conductor on the Chicago and Burlington railroad line, for embezzlement / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 84 Life and confession of Mary Jane Gordon who was tried, condemned, and hung on the 24th day of February, 1847 for the murder of Jane Anderson a native of Vassalboro, Maine : her trial ... condemnation and execution, etc. / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 85 A review of the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, in the case of Geo. Reynolds vs. the United States 1
KF220 .C68 no. 86 The Manchester tragedy a sketch of the life and death of Miss Sarah H. Furber, and the trial of her seducer and murderer / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 87 Report of evidence in the case of state vs. Benjamin and Wallace Chadbourne for the Murder of Alvin Watson 1
KF220 .C68 no. 88 A report of the examination of Messrs. Amasa Chapin, Lorenzo Chapin, Lyman Cole, William H. Holland, and William Kissane, (of Cincinnati) charged with a conspiracy to burn the steamboat Martha Washington on the Mississippi river, in January, 1852, with intent to defraud certain insurance companies. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 89 The speech of Mr. John Checkley upon his trial at Boston in 1724. / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 90 Reports of the trials of David T. Chase & John W. Fellows for an alleged conspiracy, &c. & of Jireh Bull on an indictment for perjury, in the Court of sessions / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 91 Some tributes to the memory of Hon. Rhodes Clay with the addresses to the jury and a brief review of the trial for his murder at Troy, Mo. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 92 Trial of the case of the Commonwealth versus David Lee Child for publishing in the Massachusetts journal a libel on the Honorable John Keyes, before the Supreme judicial court, holden at Cambridge, in the county of Middlesex, October term, 1828 / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 93 Argument by N.P. Chipman, Esq., in the trial of Col. Edmund E. Paulding, Paymaster, U.S.A before a court-martial convened by order of the War Department, June, 1866. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 94 The tragedy of Andersonville trial of Captain Henry Wirz, the prison keeper / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 94a Trial of Henry Wirz letter from the Secretary of War ad Interim in answer to a resolution of the House of April 16, 1866, transmitting a summary of the trial of Henry Wirz. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 94b The true story of Andersonville prison a defense of Major Henry Wirz / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 94c The trial and death of Henry Wirz with other matters pertaining thereto / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 95 The tragedy of Chicago a study in hypnotism, how an innocent young man was hyopnotised to the gallows, denouncements by savants. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 96 George Clapp & Frederick K. Ballou v. Boston & Albany Railroad Company auditors' hearing. 1