Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF220 .C68 no. 247 The Pennsylvania state trials containing the impeachment, trial, and acquittal of Francis Hopkinson, and John Nicholson, esquires : the former being Judge of the Court of Admiralty, and the latter, the Comptroller-General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania : vol. 1. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 248 The trial of the Rev. William Hogan, pastor of St. Mary's Church for an assault and battery on Mary Connell : tried before the Mayor's court in and for the city of Philadelphia, on Monday the first of April, 1822, and succeeding days : including the speeches of counsel on both sides ... / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 249 Trial of Alexander William Holmes one of the crew of the ship William Brown : for manslaughter on the high seas : before the chief justice of the United States Circuit court for the Eastern district of Pennsylvania. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 250 Arguments in the Seltzer will case, the Elliott-Osborn murder case, and the Ohlen will case 1
KF220 .C68 no. 251 The trial of William Holmes, Thomas Warrington and Edward Rosewain on an indictment for murder on the high seas : before the Circuit Court of the United States, holden for the District of Massachusetts, at Boston, on the 4th Jan. 1819. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 252 Horrible murder of Mrs. Ellen Lynch and her sister, Mrs. Hannah Shaw in Federal St., near Seventh, Philadelphia : with the trial and conviction of Arthur Spring ; illustrated by engravings, by Hinckley, from drawings taken on the spot. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 252a The life and adventures of Arthur Spring, the murderer of Mrs. Ellen Lynch and her sister, Mrs. Shaw with the complete trials, speeches, and conviction of the murderer. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 253 The New York conspiracy or, a history of the Negro plot : with the journal of the proceedings against the conspirators at New-York in the the years 1741-2 ... / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 253a The trial of John Ury for being an ecclesiastical person, made by authority pretended from the See of Rome, and coming into and abiding in the province of New York, and with being one of the conspirators in the Negro plot to burn the city of New York, 1741. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 253b The mission of death a tale of the New York penal laws / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 254 Trial of Mrs. Margaret Howard for the murder of Miss Mary Ellen Smith, her husband's paramour, in Cincinnati, on the 2d of February last. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 255 Proceedings, findings, and opinion of the Court of Inquiry convened under the act of Congress of February 13, 1874 by special orders no. 35, War Department, Adjutant-General's Office, of February 16, 1874, in the case of Brig. Gen. Oliver O. Howard, United States Army : Gen. William T. Sherman, United States Army, president of the court, Maj. Asa Bird Gardner, Judge-Advocate United States Army, Judge-Advocate. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 256 Report of the trial of Brig. General William Hull commanding the North-Western Army of the United States : by a court martial held at Albany on Monday, 3d January, 1814, and succeeding days / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 257 Kentucky jurisprudence a history of the trial of Miss Delia A. Webster, at Lexington, Kentucky, Dec'r 17-21, 1844, before the Hon. Richard Buckner : on a charge of aiding slaves to escape from that Commonwealth, with miscellaneous remarks including her views on American slavery / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 258 Record of an examination under a warrant issued by Kenneth G. White Esq., U.S. commissioner, against John W. Hunter : on an affidavit made by E. Delafield Smith ... / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 259 Hunter-Armstrong tragedy the great trial : conviction of Benj. F. Hunter for the murder of John M. Armstrong. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 260 Trial of Charles B. Huntington for forgery principal defence: insanity / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 261 Official report of the trial of Fanny Hyde, for the murder of Geo. W. Watson including the testimony, the arguments of counsel, and the charge of the court, reported verbatim, with portraits of the defendant and the deceased / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 262 The Indianapolis news, Panama libel case circumstances preceding the return of the indictments and proceedings for the removal to the District of Columbia for trial of Delavan Smith and Charles R. Williams, publishers of the Indianapolis news : order for removal denied October 13, 1909, by the United States District Court for the district of Indiana, Hon. Albert B. Anderson, judge / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 263 Inquest on the death of Agnes E. Lottimer before Dr. George C. Ball, coroner, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1