Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF220 .C68 no. 221 Trial and imprisonment of Jonathan Walker, at Pensacola, Florida, for aiding slaves to escape from bondage with an appendix, containing a sketch of his life. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 222 Court of general sessions of the peace of the city and county of New York the people of the state of New York vs. Carlyle W. Harris. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 222a The trial of Carlyle W. Harris for poisoning his wife, Helen Potts, at New York for the people: Francis L. Wellman, Charles E. Simms, Jr. : for the defendant: John A. Taylor, Wm. T. Jerome, Chas. E. Davison. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 223 Trials of the mail robbers, Hare, Alexander and Hare with the testimony, the proceedings of the court, and the arguments of counsel at length. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 224 The Trial of John Williams, Francis Frederick, John P. Rog, Nils Peterson, and Nathaniel White on an indictment for murder on the high seas : before the Circuit Court of the United States, holden for the district of Massachusetts, at Boston, on the 28th of Dec., 1818. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 225 Official report of the trial of Mary Harris indicted for the murder of Adoniram J. Burroughs, before the Supreme court of the District of Columbia, (sitting as a criminal court), Monday, July 3, 1865 / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 226 Report of Harrison et al. vs. St. Mark's Church, Philadelphia a bill to restrain the ringing of bells so as to cause a nuisance to the occupants of the dwellings in the immediate vicinity of the church : in the Court of Common Pleas, No. 2 : in equity : before Hare, P.J., and Mitchell, Associate J. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 227 Courts of appeal in causes ecclesiastical their necessity illustrated by the history of the case of Rev. Henry D. Jardine (deceased) : containing Dr. Fulton's letters, the "Vindication" of Bishop Robertson, and observations on the case / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 228 The life of Jesse Harding Pomeroy the most remarkable case in the history of crime or criminal law / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 229 Report of the proceedings and arguments in the probate court of the city and county of San Francisco, State of California, on the trial to admit to probate the "Last will and testament" of Horace Hawes, (Deceased) 1
KF220 .C68 no. 230 Journal of proceedings of the Court of Impeachment in the case of Josiah E. Hayes, treasurer of state 1
KF220 .C68 no. 231 The trial of Ebenezer Haskell, in lunacy, and his acquittal before Judge Brewster, in November, 1868 together with a brief sketch of the mode of treatment of lunatics in different asylums in this country and in England with illustrations : including a copy of Hogarth's celebrated painting of a scene in old Bedlam, in London, 1635. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 232 Poor Mary Stannard a full and thrilling story of the circumstances connected with her murder : history of the monstrous Madison crime : the most mysterious of all the cases which have baptized Connecticut in blood .. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 232a The Rev. Herbert H. Hayden an autobiography : the Mary Stannard murder : tried on circumstantial evidence. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 233 The opening and closing arguments of Hon. Thomas M. Hayes and Hon. Francis O.J. Smith before the Superior Court of Suffolk County, Mass., Mr. Justice Putnam, presiding, Feb. 26th, 27th, 28th, 1866 : on a motion for a new trial in the case of State vs. Smith / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 234 Trial of Romain Weinzœpflen Catholic priest of Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana on a charge of rape preferred by Mrs. Anna Maria Schmoll : held at Princeton, state of Indiana, Gibson Circuit Court, March term, 1844, on a change of venue from the Vanderburgh Circuit / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 235 An appeal to the people of Rhode Island in behalf of the constitution and the laws / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 236 Review, opinions, &c., of Dr. Charles A. Lee and others, of the testimony of Drs. Salisbury and Swinburne, on the trial of John Hendrickson, Jr., for the murder of his wife by poisoning. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 236a Trial of John Hendrickson, Jr. for the murder of his wife Maria, by poisoning, at Bethlehem, Albany County, N.Y., March 6th, 1853 : tried in the Court of oyer and terminer, at Albany, N.Y., in June and July, 1853 / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 237 United States vs. Henry Hertz et al charged with hiring and retaining persons to go beyond the jurisdiction of the United States, with the intent to enlist in the British Foreign Legion, for the Crimea / 1