Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF220 .C68 no. 82 The trial of Charles Stevens, for the murder of Charles Henry C. Stevens before the Supreme Judicial Court at York, April term, 1823 / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 83 Trial of Oscar T. Caldwell late a conductor on the Chicago and Burlington railroad line, for embezzlement / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 84 Life and confession of Mary Jane Gordon who was tried, condemned, and hung on the 24th day of February, 1847 for the murder of Jane Anderson a native of Vassalboro, Maine : her trial ... condemnation and execution, etc. / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 85 A review of the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, in the case of Geo. Reynolds vs. the United States 1
KF220 .C68 no. 86 The Manchester tragedy a sketch of the life and death of Miss Sarah H. Furber, and the trial of her seducer and murderer / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 87 Report of evidence in the case of state vs. Benjamin and Wallace Chadbourne for the Murder of Alvin Watson 1
KF220 .C68 no. 88 A report of the examination of Messrs. Amasa Chapin, Lorenzo Chapin, Lyman Cole, William H. Holland, and William Kissane, (of Cincinnati) charged with a conspiracy to burn the steamboat Martha Washington on the Mississippi river, in January, 1852, with intent to defraud certain insurance companies. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 89 The speech of Mr. John Checkley upon his trial at Boston in 1724. / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 90 Reports of the trials of David T. Chase & John W. Fellows for an alleged conspiracy, &c. & of Jireh Bull on an indictment for perjury, in the Court of sessions / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 91 Some tributes to the memory of Hon. Rhodes Clay with the addresses to the jury and a brief review of the trial for his murder at Troy, Mo. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 92 Trial of the case of the Commonwealth versus David Lee Child for publishing in the Massachusetts journal a libel on the Honorable John Keyes, before the Supreme judicial court, holden at Cambridge, in the county of Middlesex, October term, 1828 / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 93 Argument by N.P. Chipman, Esq., in the trial of Col. Edmund E. Paulding, Paymaster, U.S.A before a court-martial convened by order of the War Department, June, 1866. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 94 The tragedy of Andersonville trial of Captain Henry Wirz, the prison keeper / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 94a Trial of Henry Wirz letter from the Secretary of War ad Interim in answer to a resolution of the House of April 16, 1866, transmitting a summary of the trial of Henry Wirz. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 94b The true story of Andersonville prison a defense of Major Henry Wirz / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 94c The trial and death of Henry Wirz with other matters pertaining thereto / 1
KF220 .C68 no. 95 The tragedy of Chicago a study in hypnotism, how an innocent young man was hyopnotised to the gallows, denouncements by savants. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 96 George Clapp & Frederick K. Ballou v. Boston & Albany Railroad Company auditors' hearing. 1
KF220 .C68 no. 96a In the matter of the claim of Geo. Clapp & Fred'k K. Ballou against the Commonwealth 1
KF220 .C68 no. 97 Speech of M. Russell Thayer, for the defence, in the case of the commonwealth against Thomas Washington Smith in the Court of oyer and terminer of Philadelphia county, January 16, 1858 / 1