Call Number (LC) Title Results
KDK223 .I73 An act for the more speedy and effectual proceeding upon distresses and avovvries for rent Chap. XXII. 1
KDK225 .A3 1906i The law relating to land purchase in Ireland being the Irish Land Acts, 1903 & 1904 : together with the rules and forms relating to land purchase in Ireland / 1
KDK225 .R53 1880i The Irish land laws 1
KDK227.A3 L96 1838i The statute law of ecclesiastical leases in Ireland and purchases under the Church Temporalities acts / 1
KDK235 .I73 An act concerning fines in the County Palatine of Tipperary Chap. XX. 1
KDK245 .E54 1700 Anno Regni Gulielmi III. Regis. Angliae, Scotiae, Franciae & Hiberniae, undecimo & duodecimo at the Parliament begun at Westminster the four and twentieth day of August, anno Dom. 1698 : in the tenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord William the third , by the grace of God, of England, Scotland, France and Ireland King, defender of the faith, &c. : and from thence continued by several prorogations and adjournments to the sixteenth day of November, 1699, being the second session of this present Parliament. 1
KDK245 .W48 1700 Whereas the trustees have found, that the method for hearing claims, according to the order in which they were entred, is prejudical to several claimants ... 1
KDK247 .M33 1868i A practical treatise on the registration of deeds, conveyances, and judgment-mortgages with appendixes, containing statutes, practical suggestions, forms, tables of fees, and stamp duties / 1
KDK249 By the Lords Justices and Council of Ireland Mich. Dublin: C. Art: Granard. Whereas the kings most Excellent Majesty taking notice, that although the greatest part of the securities appointed by his Majesties most gracious declaration of the 30th. of November, in the 12th year of his Majesties reign, .. 1
KDK249.A59 H84 1916i Select cases in registration of title in Ireland with an appendix of statutes, rules, and orders / 1
KDK345 .I74i Ireland trademarks 1
KDK354 .M66 1906i The law of charities in Ireland 1
KDK370 .C55 1998 Contract law in Ireland / 1
KDK378.A13 I75i Irish business law quarterly 1
KDK378 .G553 2016eb Wirtschaftsprivatrecht. 1
KDK384 .B97 1870i A treatise on the law and practice respecting bills of sale with the Registration Act / 1
KDK384 .B97 1879i A treatise on the law and practice respecting bills of sale with Bills of Sale (Ireland) Act, 1879, 42 & 43 Vict. cap. 50 / 1
KDK405 .J64 2007 Arthur Cox banking law handbook / 1
KDK412 An act for enabling James Duke of Ormonde to raise money by sale of woods, and making leases for lives renewable for ever, for payment of debts and for encouraging English plantation in Ireland : and for Charles Lord Weston, Earl of Arran, in the kingdom of Ireland, to make leases of his estate in the said kingdom / 1
KDK412 .T6 1698 To the knights, citizens and burgesses of the Honourable House of Commons in this present Parliament assembled &c. the humble petition and case of the poor prisoners for debt, in the Marshalshea, of the Four-Courts, and the city of Dublin. 1