Call Number (LC) Title Results
KDK219 .G74 1847i Digest of evidence taken before Her Majesty's Commissioners of Inquiry into the State of the Law and Practice in Respect to the Occupation of Land in Ireland 1
KDK219 .G744 1897i Irish land acts one hundred and ninety reports of leading cases decided in the House of Lords, the Supreme Court of Judicature, the Court for Land Cases Reserved, Courts of Assize, the courts of the Irish Land Commission, county courts and sub-commissions / 1
KDK219 .L63 1852i Ireland observations on the people, the land and the law, in 1851 : with especial reference to the policy practice and results of the incumbered estates court / 1
KDK219 .L96 1837i A treatise on leases for lives, renewable for ever 1
KDK219 .M33 1884i Land cases being a collection of reports of decisions under the Irish Land acts since the passing of the Land law (Ireland) act, 1881, with other cases now reported for the first time, and a general index / 1
KDK219 .M67 1888i The land system of Ireland 1
KDK219 .S26 1682 The case of tenures upon the commission of defective titles. 1
KDK222 .A3 1841i The law of landlord and tenant in Ireland 1
KDK222 .A3 1881i The Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1881, and Landlord and Tenant Act, 1870 with the rules to both acts, an introduction outline and criticism of their provisions, the practice and procedure under the act of 1881, and a time table: the Landlord and tenant law amendment (Ireland) act, 1860, the Irish church act amendment act, 1881, and a consolidated index to the acts and rules / 1
KDK222 .C37 1684 The confider in falshood confounded. Being an answer to an abusive book lately published by William Wright of Dublin, against Thomas Carleton his tenant in the first place: And Will. Edmondson, John Burnyet, Abraham Fuller, and Franc. Randall, arbitrators, in the second place; equally chosen to end some difference between the said William Wright and Thomas Carleton, &c. 1
KDK222 .D66 1876i Reports of one hundred & ninety cases in the Irish land courts with preliminary tenant-right chapters / 1
KDK222 .F87 1869i The law of landlord and tenant, as administered in Ireland 1
KDK222 .S65 1828i A treatise on the duties and office of a receiver under the High Court of Chancery in Ireland embracing the present practice of the court as connected therewith, from the order of appointment to the final discharge and vacating the recognizance, as also, a summary view of certain portions of the law of landlord and tenant, including practical directions for making and disposing of a distress for non-payment of rent : with an appendix, containing a variety of useful precedents / 1
KDK222 .S65 1836i A treatise on the duties and office of a receiver under the High Court of Chancery in Ireland embracing also certain portions of the law of landlord and tenant : with an appendix of forms, and a supplement containing the general orders, dated the 10th day of October, 1836, relating to this subject / 1
KDK222 .S69 1842i The law of landlord and tenant in Ireland 1
KDK223 .I73 An act for the more speedy and effectual proceeding upon distresses and avovvries for rent Chap. XXII. 1
KDK225 .A3 1906i The law relating to land purchase in Ireland being the Irish Land Acts, 1903 & 1904 : together with the rules and forms relating to land purchase in Ireland / 1
KDK225 .R53 1880i The Irish land laws 1
KDK227.A3 L96 1838i The statute law of ecclesiastical leases in Ireland and purchases under the Church Temporalities acts / 1
KDK235 .I73 An act concerning fines in the County Palatine of Tipperary Chap. XX. 1