Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD7852.S5 B43 1789i The speech of Mr. Beaufoy, Tuesday, the 18th June, 1788, in a committee of the whole House, on a bill for regulating the conveyance of Negroes from Africa to the West-Indies to which are added observations on the evidence adduced against the bill. 1
KD7852.S5 B75 1816i Brief remarks on the slave registry bill and upon a special report of the African Institution, recommending that measure. 1
KD7852.S5 C65 1837i Colonial laws as examined by a committee of the House of Commons in the year 1836 exhibiting some of the principal discrepancies between those laws and the Imperial Act of Abolition. 1
KD7852.S5 G57 1792i Remarks on the late decision of the House of Commons respecting the abolition of the slave trade 1
KD7852.S5 G74 1834i The debates in Parliament--session 1833--on the resolutions and bill for the abolition of slavery in the British colonies with a copy of the act of Parliament. 1
KD7852.S5 G743 1806i Substance of the debates on a resolution for abolishing the slave trade which was moved in the House of Commons on the 10th June, 1806, and in the House of Lords on the 24th June, 1806 : with an appendix, containing notes and illustrations. 1
KD7852.S5 J67 1816i An examination of the principles of the slave registry bill and of the means of emancipation proposed by the authors of the bill / 1
KD7852.S5 L93 2017 Granville Sharp's cases on slavery / 1
KD7852.S5 P46 1816i The penal enactments of the slave registry bill examined in a letter to Charles N. Pallmer, Esq. M.P. 1
KD7852.S5 R43 1815i Reasons for establishing a registry of slaves in the British colonies from a report of a committee of the African Institution. 1
KD7852.S5 R432 1815i A review of the reasons given for establishing a registry of slaves in the British colonies in a report of a committee of the African Institution, entitled "Reasons", &c. &c. 1
KD7852.S5 R48 1820i A review of the colonial slave registration acts in a report of a committee of the Board of Directors of the African Institution / 1
KD7852.S5 S74 1816i A defence of the bill for the registration of slaves in letters to William Wilberforce Esq. M.P. / 1
KD7852.S5 W55 1789i The speech of William Wilberforce, Esq. representative for the county of York, on Wednesday the 13th of May, 1789, on the question of the abolition of the slave trade : to which are added, the resolutions then moved, and a short sketch of the speeches of the other members. 1
KD7852.W5 W58 2008 Witchcraft and the Act of 1604 / 1
KD7863.5 .G74 1834i First [-eighth] report from His Majesty's Commissioners on Criminal Law 1
KD7864 1861i The criminal law consolidation statutes of the 24 & 25 of Victoria, chapters 94 to 100 1
KD7864 1862i The Criminal Law Consolidation and Amendment Acts of the 24 & 25 Vict notes, observations, and forms for summary proceedings / 1
KD7864 1868i Criminal law consolidation the public general statutes consolidating the criminal law of England and Ireland : relative to accesories and abettors, coinage offenses, forgery, larceny, malicious injuries to property, and offenses against the person / 1
KD7864 1870i The criminal law consolidation acts with notes of the cases decided on their construction / 1