Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD372.O36 C857 2021 The Queen V Patrick O'Donnell The Man Who Shot the Informer James Carey. 1
KD372.O37 T7 1685 A true narrative of the tryal of Titus Oats for perjury at the Kings-Bench-Barr at VVestminster on Friday and Saturday the 8th. of May, 1685. 1
KD372.O78 O78 1874i Charge of the Lord Chief Justice of England, in the case of the Queen against Thomas Castro, otherwise Arthur Orton, otherwise Sir Roger Tichborne 1
KD372.O78 O784 1874i The Tichborne trial the summing-up by the lord chief justice of England ; together with the addresses of the judges, the verdict, and the sentence ; the whole accompanied by a history of the case and copious alphabetical index. 1
KD372.O78 O785 1875i The Tichborne trial 1
KD372.O78 O786 1875i The trial at bar of Sir Roger C.D. Tichborne, bart. in the Court of Queen's Bench at Westminster, before Lord Chief Justice Cockburn, Mr. Justice Mellor, and Mr. Justice Lush, for perjury, commencing Wednesday, April 23, 1873, and ending Saturday, February 28, 1874 : to which is prefixed a biographical sketch of the defendant : dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen / 1
KD372.O78 T53 1871i The Tichborne romance a full and accurate report of the proceedings in the extraordinary and interesting trial of Tichborne v. Lushington, in the Court of Common Pleas, Westminster, for forty days, from Wednesday, May 10, to Friday, July 7, 1871 : including the whole of the examination, cross-examination, and re-examination of the claimant. 1
KD372.O783 T78 1767i A true and genuine account of Samuel Orton, who was executed at Tyburn, on Wednesday, January 14, 1767, for a forgery upon the bank by the clergyman who attended him : to which is annexed, his unhappy case drawn up by himself, wrote with his own hand and delivered to that clergyman requesting that it may be made public : together with three letters sent by him to the above gentleman after his conviction. 1
KD372.P33 P33 1793i The trial of Thomas Paine, for a libel, contained in the second part of Rights of man before Lord Kenyon, and a special jury, at Guild Hall, December 18, 1792 : with the speeches of the attorney general and Mr. Erskine at large.
The whole proceedings on the trial of an information exhibited ex officio by the King's attorney-general against Thomas Paine for a libel upon the revolution and settlement of the Crown and regal government as by law established, and also upon the bill of rights, the legislature, government, laws, and Parliament of this kingdom, and upon the king : tried by a special jury in the Court of King's bench, Guildhall, on Tuesday, the 18th of December, 1792, before the Right Honourable Lord Kenyon /
KD372 .P34 1952 Trial of William Palmer, 1
KD372.P353 P353 1696i The tryal and condemnation of Sir William Parkyns, kt., for the horrid and execrable conspiracy to assassinate His sacred Majesty King William, in order to a French invasion of this kingdom who upon full evidence was found guilty of high-treason, at the sessions-house in the Old-Baily, March 24, 1695 : together with a true copy of the papers delivered to the sheriffs of London and Middlesex by Sir J. Freind and Sir W. Parkins, at the place of execution.
The arraignment, tryal and condemnation of Sir William Parkins, Knt., for the most horrid and barbarous conspiracy to assassinate His Most Sacred Majesty King William, and for raising of forces in order to a rebellion, and encouraging a French invasion into this kingdom who was found guilty of high-treason, March 24, 1695/6, at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baily : together with a true copy of the papers delivered by Sir William Parkins and Sir John Friend, to the sheriffs of London and Middlesex at the time of their execution.
KD372.P355 P355 A true and plaine declaration of the horrible treasons, practised by William Parry the traitor, against the Queenes Maiestie. The maner of his arraignment, conuiction and execution, together with the copies of sundry letters of his and others, tending to diuers purposes, for the proofes of his treasons. : Also an addition not impertinent thereunto, conteyning a short collection of his birth, education and course of life. : Moreouer, a fewe obseruations gathered of his owne wordes and writings, for the farther manifestation of his most disloyall, deuilish and desperate purpose. 1
KD372.P37 P37 1856i The Queen v. Palmer verbatim report of the trial of William Palmer : at the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London, May 14, and following days, 1856, before Lord Campbell, Mr. Justice Cresswell, and Mr. Baron Alderson /
Illustrated life, career, and trial of William Palmer, of Rugeley containing details of his conduct as schoolboy, medical student, racing-man, and poisoner : together with original letters of William and Anne Palmer, and other authentic documents : the whole of his private diary up to the hour of his arrest, with a verbatim report of his trial, and fullest particulars respecting his execution at Stafford : illustrated with views, portraits, and representations of the chief incidents in his career and trial.
The trial of William Palmer for the alleged Rugeley poisonings
KD372.P37 P37 1912i Trial of William Palmer 1
KD372.P37 P37 1923i Trial of William Palmer 2
KD372.P37 P37 1925i The life & career of Dr. William Palmer of Rugeley together with a full account of the murder of John P. Cook and a short account of his trial in May 1856 / 1
KD372.P37 P37 1952i Trial of William Palmer 1
KD372.P37 P372 1856i Illustrated and unabridged edition of the Times report of the trial of William Palmer, for poisoning John Parsons Cook, at Rugeley 1
KD372.P38 P38 1806i Fairburn's edition of the trial of Richard Patch for the wilful murder of Mr. Isaac Blight, his benefactor and friend, by shooting him with a pistol, loaded with ball, while sitting in his parlour, September 23, 1805 : with the speeches of counsel, &c. : which was tried on Saturday, April 5, 1806 before Sir Arch. Macdonald, Lord-Chief-Baron of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer, at the Sessions-House, Horsemonger-Lane / 1
KD372.P38 P385 1806i The trial of Richard Patch for the wilful murder of Mr. Isaac Blight, September 23, 1805, at Rotherhithe, in the county of Surrey before the Right Hon. Sir A. Macdonald, Knt. Lord Chief Baron of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer, at the Sessions House, Newington, on Saturday, April 5, 1806 / 1