Call Number (LC) Title Results
K670 .R54 2010 Rights, gender and family law / 1
K670 .R545 2009eb Rights, gender and family law / 1
K670 .R68 2014 Routledge handbook of family law and policy / 1
K670 .R68 2021 Routledge handbook of family law and policy / 3
K670 .R685 2019 Routledge handbook of international family law / 1
K670 .S36 1882 A treatise on the law of the domestic relations; embracing husband and wife, parent and child, guardian and ward, infancy, and master and servant. 1
K670 .S39 2006 Model family code : from a global perspective / 1
K670.S73 2005 International Family Law : an Introduction. 1
K670 .S73 2005 International family law : an introduction / 2
K670 .T43 2024 Teaching family law : reflections on pedagogy and practice / 1
K670 .T44 2004 Between sex and power : family in the world, 1900-2000 / 1
K670 ebook Tendencias actuales del derecho de las personas, familia y sucesiones /
Persona, familia y sucesiones /
Soluciones prácticas a controversias de la vida diaria : casos prácticos : jurídicos, socio-jurídicos, sociales /
Estudios de derecho de las personas, familia, obligaciones y contratos /
Derecho de familia y sucesiones /
K672 Subsequent agreements and subsequent practice in domestic courts
What is a family justice system for? /
K672 .C38 2012eb Gender power and mediation evaluative mediation to challenge the power of social discourses / 1
K672 .D54 2019 Digital family justice : from alternative dispute resolution to online dispute resolution? / 1
K672 .G46 2017 Gender and justice in family law disputes : women, mediation, and religious arbitration / 1
K672 .M343 2021 Hershman and Mcfarlane. 1
K675 Marriage and Cohabitation: Regulating Intimacy, Affection and Care. 1
K675 .A54 1894i Reports on the laws on marriage and divorce in foreign countries presented to the House of Commons by command of Her Majesty, in pursuance of their addresses dated September 7, 1893. 1
K675 .B35 2010 Polygamy in the monogamous world : multicultural challenges for Western law and policy / 1