Call Number (LC) Title Results
K530 .M62 Modern legal systems cyclopedia / 1
K530 .M62i Modern legal systems cyclopedia 1
K538.B8 T7 1967 Traditional and modern legal institutions in Asia and Africa. 1
K540 Analysing legal transcripts : applying cognitive linguistics to transcripts from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) /
Asian Yearbook of International Law, Volume 24 (2018)
K540-5570 Hague yearbook of international law / Annuaire de La Haye de droit international 2015 (Vol. 28) /
Expats in Germany - Inbound and Outbound : Questions frequently asked by foreigners.
K540-5570 QH91.8.B6 International submarine cables and biodiversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction the cloud beneath the sea / 2
K540 .A36 Art on trial : from Whistler to Rothko / 1
K540 .A38 2007 Law makers, law breakers, and uncommon trials / 1
K540 .A53 2004 On trial : from Adam & Eve to O.J. Simpson / 1
K540 .A955 1967 A pictorial history of the world's great trials : from Socrates to Eichmann / 1
K540 .B57 1929i More famous trials 1
K540 .B76 1993 Great trials and trial lawyers 1
K540 .C65 1854i Coleccion de las causas mas célebres, los mejores modelos de alegatos, acusaciones fiscales, interrogatorios y defensas, en lo civil y criminal, del foro frances, ingles, español y mexicano 1
K540 .D53 Man on trial; history-making trials from Socrates to Oppenheimer. 1
K540 .D73 1846i Drames et problèmes judiciaires 1
K540 .G74 1997 Great world trials / 1
K540 .M33 1927 Historical trials / 1
K540 .M67 1874 Famous trials the Tichborne claimant, Troppmann, Prince Pierre Bonaparte, Mrs. Wharton, the Meteor, Mrs. Fair / 1
K540 .R33 Fifty famous trials/ 1
K540 .R33 1937i Fifty famous trials 1