Call Number (LC) Title Results
K46 .H44 Le droit des relations extérieures de l'Union européenne après le traité de Lisbonne. 1
K46 .L25 1884 The existing laws of the United States of a general and permanent character : and relating to the survey and disposition of the public domain, December 1, 1880. Embracing references to previous legislation, and citations of decisions from the federal and state courts and from the executive officers of the United States / 1
K46.L44 A97 1832r The province of jurisprudence determined / 1
K46.L44 B53 1765r Commentaries on the laws of England / 1
K46.L44 C37 1921r Cardozo on the law : including The nature of the judicial process, The growth of the law, The paradoxes of legal science, Law and literature / 1
K46.L44 C65 1823r The first part of the Institutes of the laws of England, or, A commentary upon Littleton : not the name of the author only, but of the law itself / 1
K46.L44 C75 1920r The trial of Hawley Harvey Crippen / 1
K46.L44 D53 1914r Lectures on the relation between law & public opinion in England during the nineteenth century / 1
K46.L44 E77 1876r Speeches of Lord Erskine, while at the bar / 1
K46.L44 F36 1925r Famous American jury speeches : addresses before juries and fact-finding tribunals / 1
K46.L44 F43 1788r The Federalist : a collection of essays, written in favour of the new Constitution, as agreed upon by the federal convention, September 17, 1787. 1
K46.L44 F67 1874r De laudibus legum Angliae : a treatise in commendation of the laws of England / 1
K46.L44 F72 1811r The Code Napoléon : verbally translated from the French : to which is prefixed an introductory discourse, containing a succinct account of the civil regulations, comprised in the Jewish law, the ordinances of Menu, the Ta Tsing Leu Lee, the Zend Avesta, the laws of Solon, the twelve tables of Rome, the laws of the barbarians, the assises of Jerusalem, and the Koran / 1
K46.L44 F73 1930r Law and the modern mind / 1
K46.L44 G5313 1965r The treatise on the laws and customs of the realm of England commonly called Glanvill / 1
K46.L44 G73 1927r The nature and sources of the law / 1
K46.L44 G74 1984 Great American law reviews / 1
K46.L44 G76 1925r The law of war and peace / 1
K46.L44 H37 1961r The concept of law / 1
K46.L44 H468 1935r Uncommon law : being sixty-six misleading cases revised and collected in one volume, including ten cases not published before / 1