Call Number (LC) Title Results
K340 .F765 A first book of jurisprudence for students of the common law. 1
K340 .H73c 1923 The common law. / 1
K340 .H73c 1963 The common law. / 1
K340 P274t A text-book of jurisprudence. 1
K340 .P277j Jurisprudence: men and ideas of law. 1
K340 .P69 1943 Outlines of lectures on jurisprudence / 1
K340 .Si58c Cases and readings on law and society / 1
K340 .S66 Legal system and lawyers' reasonings. 1
K340.014 M45 The language of the law. 1
K340.04 .B4 Talks on American law : a series of broadcasts to foreign audiences by members of the Harvard Law School Faculty. 1
K340.04 .B52 The occasions of justice : essays mostly on law. 1
K340.04 C37 Selected writings ... / 1
K340.04 .P3 Studies in Law : an anthology of essays in municipal and international law. Patna Law College golden jubilee commemoration volume. 1
K340.04 .S26 In retrospect / 1
K340.04 .V283m Men and measures in the law : five lectures delivered at the Univ. of Michigan, Apr. 1948 / 1
K340.05 .In8j Journal of the International Commission of Jurists. 1
K340.05 .T54 Tijdschrift voor rechtsgeschiedenis. : Revue d'histoire du droit. The Legal history review. 1
K340.069 .B7 Lawyers and the promotion of justice. 1
K340.069 .L4 Corporation lawyer: saint or sinner? : The new role of the lawyer in modern society. 1
K340.09 .R48 Revue historique de droit français et étranger. 1