Call Number (LC) Title Results
K3258 ebook Intolerancia religiosa, derechos humanos y post-conflicto / 1
K3258.5 Religious symbols and the intervention of the law : symbolic functionality in pluralist states / 1
K3258.5.A6 L39 2021 Law, cultural studies and the "burqa ban" trend : an interdisciplinary handbook / 2
K3259 Language rights and the law in the European Union /
Bilingual higher education in the legal context : group rights, state policies and globalisation /
K3259.A6 R47 2006 Cultural diversity and the law : state responses from around the world : proceedings of the colloquium "The Response of State Law to the Expression of Cultural Diversity," Brussels, September 2006 / 1
K3259 .D45 2003 Language rights and the law in the United States : finding our voices / 1
K3259 .F33 2014eb El derecho a la lengua propia en el ordenamiento internacional y de la UE / 1
K3259 .H36 2023 The handbook of linguistic human rights / 1
K3259 .L36 1999 Language : a right and a resource : approaching linguistic human rights / 1
K3259 .L48 2019 Shallow equality and symbolic jurisprudence in multilingual legal orders / 1
K3259 .N43 2023 Protecting minority language rights = Protéger les droits des langues minoritaires / 1
K3259 .R43 2023 Realising linguistic, cultural and educational rights through non-territorial autonomy / 1
K3259 .V37 1996 Language, minorities and human rights / 2
K3259.5 Realizing the Abidjan Principles on the right to education : human rights, public education, and the role of private actors in education /
La difuminación institucional del objetivo del derecho a la educación /
K3259.5 .C55 2021 Children's rights from international educational perspectives : wicked problems for children's education rights / 2
K3259.5 .C66 2016i Constitutional right to an education in selected countries 1
K3259.5 .M66 2021 Revolution of the right to education / 2
K3260 The human right to water : from concept to reality /
Water politics : governance, justice, and the right to water /
The right to vegetarianism /
The right(s) to water : the multi-level governance of a unique human right /
Menschenrechte wider den Hunger : Das Recht auf Nahrung zwischen Wissenschaft, Politik und globalen Märkten /
Reflexiones de las ciencias sociales sobre el desarrollo.
K3260 .A236 2011eb Accounting for hunger : the right to food in the era of globalisation / 1
K3260 .A33 2021 The right to food : the global campaign to end hunger and malnutrition / 1