Call Number (LC) Title Results
K3250 .C54 2020 Clustered injustice and the level green / 1
K3250 .C66 2024 The complexity of human rights : from vernacularization to quantification : essays in honour of Sally Engle Merry / 1
K3250 .D79 2018 Human rights, constitutional law and belonging : the right to equal belonging in a Democratic society / 1
K3250 .D79 2018eb Human rights, constitutional law, and belonging : the right to equal belonging in democratic society / 1
K3250 .E96 2023i Exponential inequalities equality law in times of crisis / 1
K3250 .F67 2023 Equality Before the Law : Equal Dignity, Wrongful Discrimination, and the Rule of Law / 1
K3250 .G46 2023 Gender perspectives in private law / 1
K3250 .H49 2020 Advancing equality : how constitutional rights can make a difference worldwide / 1
K3250 I249 2018 De la igualdad de género a la igualdad sexual y de género : reflexiones educativas y sociales / 2
K3250 .J64 2002i Constitutional provisions on gender equality 1
K3250 .J85 2012eb Justice and security in the 21st century : risks, rights and the rule of Law / 1
K3250 .K75 2020i Gender and human rights expanding concepts / 1
K3250 .L36 2023 Gender, constitutions, and equality : a global comparison / 1
K3250 .L38 2022i Law and structuring individual and institutional responsibility beyond equality. 1
K3250 .L39 2024 Law, vulnerability, and the responsive state : beyond equality and liberty / 1
K3250 .L44 2013eb Legislating for equality : a multinational collection of non-discrimination norms. 1
K3250 .M33 2014 Discrimination, equality and the law / 1
K3250 .P64 The equal protection of the laws / 1
K3250 .S73 2008 The state of access : success and failure of democracies to create equal opportunities / 1
K3250 .S76 2019 Reconstructing rights : courts, parties, and equality rights in India, South Africa, and the United States / 1