Call Number (LC) Title Results
JX1255 ǂb F76 1996eb Ethics in International Relations. 1
JX1261 .B73 The International Law Commission / 1
JX1261 .E4 1981 The International Law Commission : the need for a new direction / 1
JX1261 .L4a Questionnaire / 1
JX1261 .P3 Codification of American international law : addresses by Charles Evans Hughes, James Brown Scott, Elihu Root, Antonio Sánchez de Bustamente y Sirvén. 1
JX1261 .U388 The work of the International Law Commission. 1
JX1265 1925 Codification of American international law : projects of conventions prepared at the request on January 2, 1924, of the Governing board of the Pan American union for the consideration of the International commission of jurists / 1
JX1265 .A441 1926 Codification of American international law : a project of a code of private international law / 1
JX1268 .F4 Draft outlines of an international code.
Draft outlines of an international code
JX1273 .D3 Les Conférences des Nations unies pour la codification du droit international / 1
JX1273 .V5 1958 Les Nations Unies et la conservation des resources de la mer : étude des rapports entre le codificateur et le milieu politique. 1
JX1283 .E44 The hydrological cycle and the law of nations / 1
JX1291 Simulated international processes : theories and research in global modeling /
Expert-generated Data : Applications In International Affairs /
Journal of peace science
JX1291 .A55 1983 Crisis bargaining and the arms race : a theoretical model / 1
JX1291 .A67 Approaches and theory in international relations / 2
JX1291 .A73 1991 Artificial intelligence and international politics / 1
JX1291 .A75 1980b The political economy of war and peace : the Sino-Soviet-American triangle and the modern security problematique / 1
JX1291 .A78 2019 Artificial Intelligence and International Politics. 1
JX1291 .A89 Dimensions of interaction : a source book for the study of the behavior of 31 nations from 1948 through 1973 / 1
JX1291 .A9 International events interaction analysis: some research considerations
International events interaction analysis : some research considerations /