Call Number (LC) Title Results
JK1759 .S87 2020 Learning one's native tongue : citizenship, contestation, and conflict in America / 1
JK1759 .T27 2001 Four aspects of civic duty : and, Present day problems / 1
JK1759 .T34 1918i Four aspects of civic duty 1
JK1759 .T8 Public mindedness : an aspect of citizenship considered in various addresses given while president of Dartmouth college / 1
JK1759 .V5 Roles of the citizen: principles and practices. 1
JK1759 .W33 Loyalty in a democratic state. 1
JK1759 .W37 1917 War policy for aliens : memorandum / 1
JK1759 .W47 2004 What we stand for : a program for progressive patriotism / 2
JK1759 .W6 Education for citizenship in a democracy : a text-book for teachers in the elementary schools / 1
JK1761 .C5 1944 Community recognition of citizenship, a handbook for "I am an American day" committees. : Prepared for use of "I am an American day" committees by Burritt C. Harrington, specialist in educational services, Immigration and naturalization service / 1
JK1761.F6 S33 1917a Our flag in verse and prose / 1
JK1761.K36 Legislative Regulation of Railway Finance in England. 1
JK1763 .D59 1996 Diversity and citizenship : rediscovering American nationhood / 3
JK1763 .E6 American liberty, its sources, --its dangers, --and the means of its preservation an oration, delivered at the Broadway tabernacle, in New York, before the order of United Americans, on the 22d of February, A.D. 1850, being the 118th anniversary of the birthday of Washington / 1
JK1763 .E7 1878 Fortune of the republic. : Lecture delivered at the Old South Church, March 30, 1878. 1
JK1763 .P65 1990 The Political legitimacy of markets and governments / 1
JK1763 .S48 1991 American citizenship : the quest for inclusion / 3
JK1763 .U6 Program aids for citizenship recognition ceremonies. 1
JK1763 .U6 1945 Program aids for citizenship recognition ceremonies / 1
JK1763 .W35 1992 What it means to be an American / 1