Call Number (LC) Title Results
JK1 .C65 Congressional digest.
The Capitol eye.
Congressional digest
JK1 .C66 Congressional quarterly.
CQ ... almanac plus.
Congressional quarterly almanac.
CQ ... almanac.
JK1 .C662 Congressional research report. 1
JK1 .C6635 Congressional roll call. 1
JK1 .C7 The Constitutional review : a quarterly magazine advocating the maintenance of constitutional government and recording its progress at home and abroad / 1
JK1 .C729 CQ today 1
JK1 .D35 Democratic review. 1
JK1 .D46 Democracy 1
JK1 .E7 Equity. 1
JK1 .F68 The forum a journal of applied research in contemporary politics. 1
JK1 .G58 Government executive.
Government executive
JK1 .H36 Harvard political review 1
JK1 .H55 The Hill 1
JK1 .I3 I.F. Stone's weekly. 1
JK1 .I63 In common. 1
JK1-JK9993 De-Moralizing Gay Rights : Some Queer Remarks on LGBT+ Rights Politics in the US.
President Trump and General Pershing : Remembrances of the "Moro" Insurrection in the Age of Post-Truths /
Making Good Law or Good Policy? : the Causes and Effects of State Supreme Court Judges' Role Orientations /
The pursuit of technological superiority and the shrinking American military /
A new chapter in US-Cuba relations : social, political, and economic implications /
American political parties under pressure : strategic adaptations for a changing electorate /
Hypocrisy in American Political Attitudes : a Defense of Attitudinal Incongruence /
Before the Age of Prejudice : a Muslim Woman's National Security Work with Three American Presidents - A Memoir /
JK1 .K4 Kendall's expositor. 1
JK1 .K44 Kettering review. 1
JK1 .L8 Niles' weekly register : news magazine of the nineteenth century / 1
JK1 .M5 Midwest review of public administration.
American review of public administration.
The American review of public administration
Midwest review of public administration