Call Number (LC) Title Results
JF2112.P8 S3413 The superstar show of government / 2
JF2112.T4 P65 1995 Political advertising in Western democracies : parties & candidates on television / 2
JF2151 New parties in old party systems : persistence and decline in seventeen democracies / 1
JF2720.A58 P83 1998 Public administration and management for effective governance / 1
JF5549 .R636 1998 The strategic human resource leader : how to prepare your organization for the six key trends shaping the future / 1
JF6695.A1 G68 2018eb Governance in Russian regions : a policy comparison / 1
JF Fr,D Jean de Florette. 1
JH9013 .W2c 1944 District of Columbia appropriation bill for 1944. : Hearings before the subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Seventy-eighth Congress, first session, on the District of Columbia appropriation bill for 1944. 1
Jive 01241-41469-2 Born into the 90's 1
JJ1010 .E45 2015 Collaborative governance regimes / 1
JJ1010 .O87 2012eb Our North America : social and political issues beyond NAFTA / 1
JJ1010 .O97 2016 Our North America : social and political issues beyond NAFTA / 1
JJ1010 .P655 2008eb Politics in North America : Redefining Continental Relations / 1
JJ1010 .R45 2014 Regional governance in post-NAFTA North America : building without architecture / 2
JJ1010 ǂb C53 2008eb Does North America Exist? : Governing the Continent After NAFTA and 9/11 / 1
JJ1016 .C66 2009eb Contentious politics in North America national protest and transnational collaboration under continental integration / 1
JJ1018 .E44 2006 The elections of 2000 : politics, culture, and economics in North America / 1
JK Was the 2004 presidential election stolen? : exit polls, election fraud, and the official count /
Junk politics : the trashing of the American mind : reports and essays /
Safe for democracy : the secret wars of the CIA /
Party wars : polarization and the politics of national policy making /
Recruitment, Retention, and Utilization of Federal Scientists and Engineers.
I want you! : the evolution of the all-volunteer force /
Democratic Destiny and the District of Columbia: Federal Politics and Public Policy.
Afflicting the comfortable : journalism and politics in West Virginia /
I want you! the evolution of the all-volunteer force /
Daniel Webster
Davy Crockett
Dick Cheney
Andrew Jackson (Great Neck Biography)
George Washington (Great Neck Biography)
Gerald Ford (Great Neck Publishing)
Harry S. Truman (Great Neck Biography)
Henry Kissinger: Doctor of Diplomacy
History & Annexation of Florida
Huey P. Long
James Madison (Great Neck Biography)
Jimmy Carter (Great Neck Biography)
John Calhoun
John F. Kennedy (Great Neck Biography)
John Quincy Adams (Great Neck Biography)
Cosmo de' Medici
General Grant on Being a Candidate for Political Offices
Internal Improvements & the Power of Congress
Knights of Labor Constitution of 1878
Cleveland's Message on the Repeal of the Sherman Act
Cleveland's Silver Letter
Veto of the Cumberland Road Bill
Voting Rights Act of 1965
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) News
Our States: U.S. Government & Civic Leaders
Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs
Politics in America 2012: the 112th Congress
U.S. Supreme Court Dismisses California's Proposition 8 Appeal, thus Reinstating Legal Same-Sex Marriage
The U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission
U.S. Supreme Court's 2014 Case on Warrantless Search of Cell Phones
U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Reading of Miranda Rights in 2000
U.S. Supreme Court Takes on California's Three Strikes Law
Inside Politics
Ulysses S. Grant
Force Act of 1870
Albany Plan of Union
American Party Platform
Impeachment of Johnson--Charles Sumner: for Conviction
Impeachment of Johnson--James Grimes: for Acquital
Independent Treasury Act of 1846
International Covenant on Economic, Social, & Cultural Rights
Letter of the President of the Federal Convention, to the President of Congress, Transmitting the Constitution
Liberal Republican Platform
Democratic Party Platform, 1860
Democratic Platform for 1932
Democratic Platform of 1868
Democratic Platform of 1896
Democratic Platform of 1936
Excerpt of the Republican Party Platform
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Politics in America 2010
The Washington daybook
Bill of Rights
Promise and Problems of E-Democracy: Challenges of Online Citizen Engagement (Croatian version)
American Leadership
JK1 CQ almanac
Federal history
The forum a journal of applied research in contemporary politics.
Public administration review
JK1 .A4 American politics research.
American politics quarterly.