Call Number (LC) Title Results
JF851 .T5 1825c Appeal of one half the human race, women : against the pretensions of the other half, men, to retain them in political, and thence in civil and domestic slavery; in reply to a paragraph of Mr. Mill's celebrated "Article on government" 1
JF851 .T5 1970a Appeal of one half the human race, women, against the pretensions of the other half, men. 1
JF851 .W45 2007i Right of women to vote and run for political office Brunei, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates / 1
JF851 .W65 2002 Women's individual voting rights : a democratic requirement / 1
JF851 .W7 The Woman citizen's library : a systematic course of reading in preparation for the larger citizenship / 1
JF851 .Y45 1891i The yellow ribbon speaker readings and recitations / 1
JF855 .M6 Are women people? : A book of rhymes for suffrage times / 1
JF855 .M65 1917i Women are people! 1
JF1001 Free to move : foot voting, migration, and political freedom /
Collective decisions and voting : the potential for public choice /
Comparative electoral management : performance, networks, and instruments /
Logic and social choice
Economic voting : a campaign-centered theory /
Swamp Monsters: Trump vs /
FREE ELECTIONS an elementary textbook.
Act of voting : identities, institutions, and locale /
The Oxford handbook of electoral systems /
Elections, voting rules and paradoxical outcomes /
Elections and democracy : representation and accountability /
Inside the mind of a voter : a new approach to electoral psychology /
Voters and voting in context : multiple contexts and the heterogeneous German electorate /
On the stump : campaign oratory and democracy in the United States, Britain, and Australia /
Voting and elections the world over /
Making a difference : a comparative view of the role of the Internet in election politics /
The limits of electoral reform
The punters' guide to democracy : what it is, sadly ; and what it could be, gladly /
Voting procedures for electing a single candidate : proving their (in)vulnerability to various voting paradoxes /
Personality politics? : the role of leader evaluations in democratic elections /
Voting power and procedures : essays in honour of Dan Felsenthal and Moshe Machover /
Voting experiments /
Social media and elections in Africa.
Election systems and gerrymandering worldwide
The mathematics of elections and voting /
The micro logic of tactical protest voting a comparative analysis /
Mathematics to the rescue of democracy what does voting mean and how can it be improved? /
Election campaigns and welfare state change : democratic linkage and leadership under pressure /
Electoral campaigns, media, and the new world of digital politics /
JF1001 .A26 1990 Advances in the spatial theory of voting / 2
JF1001 .A27 2014 Advancing electoral integrity / 2
JF1001 .A4 1973 Party and society : the Anglo-American democracies. 1
JF1001 .A47 2000 Behind the ballot box : a citizen's guide to voting systems / 1
JF1001.A47 2000 Behind the Ballot Box : a Citizen's Guide to Voting Systems. 1
JF1001 .B34 2009 Elections, electoral systems and volatile voters / 1
JF1001 .B34 2009eb Elections, electoral systems and volatile voters 1
JF1001 .B414 2011 A behavioral theory of elections / 1
JF1001 .B414 2011eb A behavioral theory of elections / 2
JF1001 .B446 2017eb Wahlen und Wahlsysteme. 1
JF1001 .B483 2004 Beyond free and fair : monitoring elections and building democracy / 2