Call Number (LC) Title Results
JC559.U5 H37 2010 The next American Civil War : the populist revolt against the liberal elite / 1
JC571 Reconstructing human rights : a pragmatist and pluralist inquiry into global ethics /
The world of science and the rule of law : a study of the observance and violations of the human rights of scientists in the participating states of the Helsinki Accords /
The Transformation of contemporary Conservatism /
Human rights in perspective : a global assessment : the 1988 Nobel symposium /
Pragmatism, rights, and democracy /
Museums and sites of persuasion : politics, memory and human rights /
Human Rights and Citizenship Education : an Intercultural Perspective.
The U.N. Commission on Human Rights /
Basic rights : subsistence, affluence, and U.S. foreign policy /
A philosophical history of rights /
Educating for Human Dignity : Learning About Rights and Responsibilities.
Rhetoric in human rights advocacy : a study of exemplars /
Las fronteras de los derechos humanos problemas, discusion y soluciones.
Hablamos de derechos humanos la distancia social.
Los derechos civiles hoy : medio siglo después de los asesinatos de Martin Luther King y Robert Kennedy /
The pluriverse of human rights : the diversity of struggles for dignity /
Human Rights : Concepts, Contests, Contingencies.
Reconciliation in Divided Societies : Finding Common Ground.
Identities, Politics, and Rights.
Dissenters, radicals, heretics and blasphemers : the flame of revolt that shines through English history /
Commanding words : essays on the discursive constructions, manifestations, and subversions of authority /
Human rights and global diversity /
Liberalism and the good /
PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION concepts, challenges and contexts /
The ancient Greek roots of human rights /
Retos y Desafíos de Los Derechos Humanos, Igualdad y Equidad de Género
The Philosophy of Human Rights : a Systematic Introduction.
The making of dignity and human rights in the Western tradition : a retrospective analysis /
Media, mobilization and human rights mediating suffering /
Just responsibility : a human rights theory of global justice /
Historical dictionary of human rights and humanitarian organizations /
Derechos Humanos Ante Los Nuevos Desafíos de la Globalización.
National human rights institutions : rules, requirements, and practice /
The struggle for human rights : essays in honour of Philip Alston /
Human rights in changing times /
Human rights : moral or political? /
Mapping global justice : perspectives, cases and practice /
Being social : the philosophy of social human rights /
Can human rights and national sovereignty coexist? /
La catedra-red iberoamericana de educacion en derechos humanos, ciudadania inclusiva y sostenibilidad social construccion de una red iberoamericana, a traves de sus senas de identidad.
Derechos humanos desde la interdisciplinariedad en ciencias sociales y humanidades.
Human dignity and social justice /
Human Rights And The Search For Community /
International attention and the protection of human rights defenders : campaigning for agents of change /
Clearinghouse report on science and human rights /
Science and Human Rights Program newsletter.
Retos y Desafíos de Los Derechos Humanos, Igualdad y Equidad de Género.
Il diritto alla reputazione nel quadro dei diritti della personalità /
L'individu contre l'état /
Insurgent universality : an alternative legacy of modernity /
The human right to dominate /
Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Cosmopolitan Ideals Essays on Critical Theory and Human Rights.
Reflexiones juridicas sobre el derecho a la felicidad y el bien comun constitucional.
As sociedades contemporâneas e os direitos humanos = Contemporary societies and human rights /
Griffin on human rights /
Rights and demands : a foundational inquiry /
Atlanta and the Civil Rights Movement : 1944-1968.
Independence of mind
Individualism an essay on the authority of the European Union /
Fair governance paternalism and perfectionism /
Collected essays.
Philosophical foundations of human rights /
Where our protection lies : separation of powers and constitutional review /
National human rights action planning /
Actualizing human rights : global inequality, future people, and motivation /
Human rights, ownership, and the individual /
Los derechos humanos en el siglo XXI : una mirada desde el pensamiento crítico /
World report 2015 : events of 2014 /
The rights of man today /
Human rights in emergencies /
Challenges for human security engineering /
Human rights in a changing world : reflections on fundamental challenges /
Human Rights Education : Theory, Research, Praxis /
Evidence for hope : making human rights work in the 21st century /
Environmental human rights : a political theory perspective /
Freedom in the world : the annual survey of political rights and civil liberties, 2001-2002 /
Perspectives on justice, indigeneity, gender, and security in human rights research /
The new right /
Freedom in the world 2016 : the annual survey of political rights and civil liberties /
Grounding human rights in human nature /
Accessing and implementing human rights and justice /
Authority and the liberal tradition : from Hobbes to Rorty /
Les Droits de l'humanité : Essai sur le droit.
Human rights education globally
The human rights reader : major political essays, speeches, and documents from ancient times to the present /
Human rights and conflict resolution : bridging the theoretical and practical divide /
Human rights : old problems, new possibilities /
Moral systems and the evolution of human rights /
Watching Human Rights : the 101 Best Films.
Society and Law : an Exploration across Disciplines.
Egalitarian rights recognition : a political theory of human rights /
Human rights and development /
The freedom riders across borders : contentious mobilities /
Human rights practices during financial crises /
Critical Human Rights, Citizenship, and Democracy Education : Entanglements and Regenerations /
After violence : transitional justice, peace and democracy /
EU global strategy and human security : rethinking approaches to conflict /
Labour, human health and environmental dimensions of e.waste management in china.
Rethinking economic policy for social justice the radical potential of human rights /
Dignity and human rights : language philosophy and social realizations /
Human dignity : perspectives from a critical theory of human rights /
Human Rights as Political Imaginary /
Rethinking economic policy for social justice : the radical potential of human rights /
War and rights : the impact of war on political and civil rights /
Liberalism and its critics /
Institutional roadblocks to human rights mainstreaming in the FAO a tale of silo culture in the United Nations System /
The politics of repression under authoritarian rule how steadfast is the iron throne? /
Advocating dignity : human rights mobilizations in global politics /
Human rights education for psychologists /
Human rights for pragmatists : social power in modern times /
Localizing transitional justice : interventions and priorities after mass violence /
The economics of human rights /
Human rights : new dimensions and challenges /
The endtimes of human rights /
Passivity generation : human rights and everyday morality /
Human insecurities in southeast Asia
The concept of human rights /
The Human Rights City : New York, San Francisco, Barcelona /
Human rights in our time essays in memory of Victor Baras /
The mass appeal of human rights /
Human rights : concept and standards /
Transitional Justice in Troubled Societies.
Media, mobilization and human rights : mediating suffering /
The socio-political practice of human rights : between the universal and the particular /
Human duties and the limits of human rights discourse /
ESTUDIOS SOBRE MEMORIA : perspectivas actuales y nuevos escenarios.
New critical spaces in transitional justice : gender, art, and memory /
Transitional and Retrospective Justice in the Baltic States.
International empirical studies on religion and socioeconomic human rights
UN human rights institutions and the environment : synergies, challenges, trajectories /
Philosophy of human rights : a systematic introduction /
Cultural relativism in the face of the West : the plight of women and female children /
Discourses of globalisation, ideology, and human rights /
The architecture of concepts : the historical formation of human rights /
Der Staatsschutz und die Z?urcher 80er- Jugendunruhen: Staatliche Herrschaftssicherung zwischen Repression, Ausnahmezustand und gouvernementaler Verwaltung.
Nuevas dimensiones de protección asumidas por los derechos fundamentales /
Human rights and justice : philosophical, economic, and social perspectives /
Law and cultural studies : a critical rearticulation of human rights /
Comparative human rights diplomacy /
Artificial intelligence, social harms and human rights /
Human Rights at Risk Global Governance, American Power, and the Future of Dignity.
Violence, statistics, and the politics of accounting for the dead /
Narrating humanity : life writing and movement politics from Palestine to Mauna Kea /
The inhumanity of right /
Human rights : an introduction /
Urban politics of human rights /
Diritti umani : un'introduzione critica /
Domesticating human rights a reappraisal of their cultural-political critiques and their imperialistic use /
Trauma and human rights : integrating approaches to address human suffering /
Urgency and human rights the protective potential and legitimacy of interim measures /
The politics of human rights : the quest for dignity /
Refugees and asylum seekers : interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives /
Preventive human rights strategies /
Technologies of human rights representation /
Human rights in philosophy and practice /
Constructing human rights in the age of globalization /
Aristocratic liberalism : the social and political thought of Jacob Burckhardt, John Stuart Mill, and Alexis de Tocqueville /
Revista de direitos e garantias fundamentais
Northwestern University journal of international human rights JIHR.
Libertarian papers
Human rights & human welfare an international review of books and other publications.
Transitional justice, security, and development : security and justice thematic paper /
JC571-628 Decolonization, self-determination, and the rise of global human rights politics /
The first United Nations Mandate on minority issues. /
The International Protection Alternative in Refugee Law : Treaty Basis and Scope of Application under the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and Its 1967 Protocol.
Ripples of hope : how ordinary people resist repression without violence /
The right to health. A multi-country study of law, policy and practice /
Two centuries of Norwegian constitution. Between tradition and innovation /
JC571 .2000 Philosophy and public policy / 1
JC571.A1 C58 1992i Civil rights update, July/August 1992 1
JC571.A1 I85 Israel yearbook on human rights. 1
JC571 .A116 1998 1998 human rights education lessons for life. 1
JC571 .A117 A is A libertarian directory. 1
JC571 .A119 The shotgun behind the door : liberalism and the problem of political obligation / 1
JC571 .A1196 2018 Unintended consequences in transitional justice : social recovery at the local level / 1
JC571 .A1338 2018 Just responsibility : a human rights theory of global justice / 1
JC571 .A134 2008eb Universal human rights in a world of difference / 1
JC571 .A135 Social justice in the liberal state / 2
JC571 .A135 1980eb Social justice in the liberal state / 1
JC571 .A136 2008 Universal human rights in a world of difference / 1
JC571.A136 2008 Universal Human Rights in a World of Difference. 1
JC571 .A1375 2012eb Activating human rights and peace theories, practices and contexts / 1
JC571 .A1375 2016 Activating human rights and peace : theories, practices and contexts / 1
JC571 .A14 Essays on freedom and power / 1
JC571 .A14 1950 Essays on freedom and power / 1