Call Number (LC) Title Results
HT913 .C48 1861 The salvation of the country secured by immediate emancipation : a discourse / 1
HT913 .D38 2009 Holy war and human bondage : tales of Christian-Muslim slavery in the early-modern Mediterranean / 1
HT913 .D42 2018 The unbound God : slavery and the formation of early Christian thought / 1
HT913 .F64 2019 Christians in Caesar's household : the emperors' slaves in the makings of Christianity / 3
HT913 .G47 2018 Christian slavery : conversion and race in the Protestant Atlantic world / 1
HT913 .G47 2018eb Christian slavery : conversion and race in the protestant Atlantic world / 1
HT913 .G53 2002 Slavery in early Christianity / 1
HT913 .G66 2023 Beyond slavery : Christian theology and rehabilitation from human trafficking / 1
HT913 .H67 1853i Slavery and the church 1
HT913 .K4 Die Stellung der Bibel und der alten christlichen Kirche zur Sklaverei : eine biblische und kirchengeschichtliche Untersuchung von den alttestamentlichen Propheten bis zum Ende des Römischen Reiches. 1
HT913 .L67 1854i A letter of inquiry to ministers of the Gospel of all denominations, on slavery 1
HT913 .M23 1842i Slavery defended from scripture, against the attacks of the abolitionists in a speech delivered before the general conference of the Methodist Protestant Church in Baltimore, 1842 / 1
HT913 .M35 1848i A scriptural argument in favor of withdrawing fellowship from churches and ecclesiastical bodies tolerating slaveholding among them 1
HT913 .M36 1911i Religion and slavery a vindication of the Southern churches / 1
HT913 .N44 1826i Negro slavery address to the clergy of the established church, and to Christian ministers of every denomination. 1
HT913 .S33 Slavery and the churches in early America, 1619-1819 / 1
HT913 .S33 1975 Slavery and the churches in early America, 1619-1819 / 1
HT913 .S66 2020 The slaves of the churches : a history / 1
HT913 .T37 1848i Letters respecting a book "dropped from the catalogue" of the American Sunday School Union in compliance with the dictation of the slave power. 1
HT913 .W43 1957 American churches and the Negro : an historical study from early slave days to the present / 1