Call Number (LC) Title Results
HT690.S83 M34 1984 The Sudanese bourgeoisie : vanguard of development? / 1
HT690.T28 H8 Intellectual ferment for political reforms in Taiwan, 1971-1973 / 2
HT690.U6 Middle class meltdown in America : causes, consequences, and remedies /
Dream hoarders : how the American upper middle class is leaving everyone else in the dust, why that is a problem, and what to do about it /
Land of the fee : hidden costs and the decline of the American middle class /
Hollowed out : why the economy doesn't work without a strong middle class /
The Poco field : an American story of place /
Fortune, fame, and desire : promoting the self in the long nineteenth century /
HT690.U6 A46 2010 The American bourgeoisie : distinction and identity in the nineteenth century / 1
HT690.U6 A465 2017 The American middle class : an economic encyclopedia of progress and poverty / 1
HT690.U6 B37 1989 The good life : the meaning of success for the American middle class / 1
HT690.U6 B46 1993 Intellect and public life : essays on the social history of academic intellectuals in the United States / 1
HT690.U6 B58 1989 The emergence of the middle class : social experience in the American city, 1760-1900 / 2
HT690.U6 B793 2014eb How the poor can save capitalism : rebuilding the path to the middle class / 2
HT690.U6 B8 Of what use are common people? : a study in democracy / 1
HT690.U6 B8x 1983 But what if the dream comes true 1
HT690.U6 C561 1998 Dimensions of effective behavior : professional and administrative occupations : world of work, competency continuum. 1
HT690.U6 C63 The middle Americans : proud and uncertain / 1
HT690.U6 D63 2006 War on the middle class : how the government, big business, and special interest groups are waging war on the American dream and how to fight back / 1
HT690.U6 D65 2019eb The anxiety of ascent : middle-class narratives in Germany and America / 1
HT690.U6 E47 1989 Fear of falling : the inner life of the middle class / 1
HT690.U6 F73 2007 Falling behind : how rising inequality harms the middle class / 1
HT690.U6 F73 2013eb Falling behind : how rising inequality harms the middle class /
Falling behind how rising inequality harms the middle class /
HT690.U6 F75 Overcoming middle class rage /
Overcoming middle class rage.
HT690.U6 F75 1971 Overcoming middle class rage / 1