Call Number (LC) Title Results
HS 1.22:09-05 TSA's security screening procedures for employees at Orlando International Airport and the feasibility of 100 percent employee screening (revised for public disclosure) (redacted) 1
HS 1.22:09-07 DHS' efforts to improve the Homeland Security information network 1
HS 1.22:09-11 Challenges facing FEMA's acquisition workforce 1
HS 1.22:09-12 DHS' role in state and local fusion centers Is evolving 1
HS 1.22:09-15 Removals involving illegal alien parents of United States citizen children 1
HS 1.22:09-16 2007 debris removal pilot programs and initiatives 1
HS 1.22:09-18 Customs and Border Protection award and fees for enforcement equipment maintenance and field operations support contract 1
HS 1.22:09-22 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's management of 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes mission assignment funding 1
HS 1.22:09-23 National communications system's management of 2005 gulf coast hurricanes mission assignment funding 1
HS 1.22:09-24 Effectiveness of TSA's surface transportation security inspectors 1
HS 1.22:09-30 Management oversight challenges remain for DHS' intelligence systems information technology security program 1
HS 1.22:09-31 FEMA's implementation of best practices in the acquisition process 1
HS 1.22:09-32 Internal controls in the FEMA disaster acquisition process 1
HS 1.22:09-34 U.S. Coast Guard's management of 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes mission assignment funding 1
HS 1.22:09-35 Transportation Security Administration's known shipper program (REDACTED) / 1
HS 1.22:09-36 Potentially high costs and insufficient grant funds pose a challenge to REAL ID implementation 1
HS 1.22:09-37 Management oversight of immigration benefit application intake processes 1
HS 1.22:09-38 Improvements needed in Federal Emergency Management Agency monitoring of grantees 1
HS 1.22:09-41 Immigration and Customs Enforcement's tracking and transfers of detainees 1
HS 1.22:09-42 Audit of the effectiveness of the checked baggage screening system and procedures used to identify and resolve threats 1