Call Number (LC) Title Results
HQ1233 ebook Entreactos : en torno a la política, el feminismo y el pensamiento /
La importancia de ser mujer /
A violência de género nas redes sociais virtuais : proteção das mulheres na perspetiva dos direitos humanos /
Enfoque de género en la inserción socio-laboral /
HQ1235 .B37 2019 Reckoning with the past : family historiographies in postcolonial Australian literature / 1
HQ1235 .B37 2019eb Reckoning with the past : family historiographies in postcolonial Australian literature / 1
HQ1235.5.C2 D62 1999 The politics of pragmatism : women, representation, and constitutionalism in Canada / 1
HQ1236 Dissident friendships : feminism, imperialism, and transnational solidarity /
Feminist foreign policy in theory and in practice : an introduction /
Political Affairs of the Heart : Female Travel Writers, the Sentimental Travelogue, and Revolution, 1775-1800.
Women, power and political systems.
The politics of the second electorate : women and public participation : Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, West Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Eastern Europe, USSR, Japan /
Women of power : half a century of female presidents and prime ministers worldwide /
Gender gap : howwomen will decide the next election /
Global Contestations of Gender Rights
Geschlecht - Sozialisation - Transformationen.
Gender, emancipation, and political violence : rethinking the legacy of 1968 /
Global gender politics /
The Beijing Platform of Action : South Africa's first progress report : (prepared for use at the UN preparatory meeting, 28-2-2000)
Feminist Perspectives on Politics
Gendering the state in the age of globalization : women's movements and state feminism in postindustrial democracies /
Global women leaders : studies in feminist political rhetoric /
Women, work, and politics : the political economy of gender inequality /
Donne tra storia e politica /
Women's Rights : Small Guides to Big Issues /
The Politics of Women's Rights : Parties, Positions, and Change.
Feminists and Party Politics.
Political Left and Right since Antigone /
Women and the UN : a new history of women's international human rights /
WOMEN'S VOICES, WOMEN'S RIGHTS oxford amnesty lectures 1996.
(Re)interpretations : the shapes of justice in women's experience /
Institutionalizing gender equality : historical and global perspectives /
The gendered effects of electoral institutions political engagement and participation /
Gender parity and multicultural feminism : towards a new synthesis /
Feminism, Violence Against Women, and Law Reform : Decolonial Lessons From Ecuador /
Hijas de la igualdad, herederas de injusticias
Gender and human rights in a global, mobile era /
Vital voices : the power of women leading change around the world /
To Defend This Sunrise Black Women's Activism and the Authoritarian Turn in Nicaragua.
Los planes de igualdad en tiempos de crisis : problemas de aplicación y carencias conceptuales /
Women's Work is Never Done : Comparative Studies in Care-Giving, Employment, and Social Policy Reform.
Gender, politics and institutions : towards a feminist institutionalism /
Shared sisterhood : how to take collective action for racial and gender equity at work /
WOMEN AND THE PUBLIC SPHERE a critque of sociology and politics.
Mujeres y Derechos. Una discusión jurídica sobre reproducción, sexualidad y género.
Walking a gendered tightrope : Theresa May and Nancy Pelosi as legislative leaders /
WOMEN AND THE STATE : the shifting boundaries of public and private.
Politics, Gender, and Concepts : Theory and Methodology.
The inclusion calculation : why men appropriate women's representation /
Women, culture, and development a study of human capabilities /
Living against austerity : a feminist investigation of doing activism and being activist /
Gender, sexuality and social justice : unpacking dominant development and policy discourses /
Breaking male dominance in old democracies /
ROUTLEDGE LIBRARY EDITIONS : women and politics.
Gender and human rights
Gender reboot : reprogramming gender rights in the age of AI /
The Palgrave Handbook of women's political rights /
Party politics and the implementation of gender quotas : resisting institutions /
Edith Stein: women, social-political philosophy, theology, metaphysics and public history : new approaches and applications /
International human rights of women /
Gender and Power : Towards Equality and Democratic Governance /
Bananas, Beaches and Bases : Making Feminist Sense of International Politics.
Gender equity : global policies and perspectives on advancing social justice /
Battling the Prince : a Woman Fights for Democracy.
To Live Here, You Have to Fight : How Women Led Appalachian Movements for Social Justice.
Feminist (Im)Mobilities in Fortress(ing) North America : Rights, Citizenships, and Identities in Transnational Perspective.
What women want : gender and voting in Britain, Japan, and the United States /
Civil society and gender relations in authoritarian and hybrid regimes : new theoretical approaches and empirical case studies /
Feminismo digital : Violencia contra las mujeres y brecha sexista en Internet /
Gender and politics the state of the discipline /
Amnesty International and women's rights : feminist strategies, leadership commitment and internal resistances /
Bananas, beaches and bases : making feminist sense of international politics /
Tanzen als Widerstand : »One Billion Rising« und choreographische Interventionen im öffentlichen Raum /
HQ1236 .A23 2020 Using ethnography to study indigenous women's agency in reproductive health care / 1
HQ1236 .A27 2016 Contours of citizenship : women, diversity and practices of citizenship / 1
HQ1236 .A29 1984 Gender gap : Bella Abzug's guide to political power for American women / 3
HQ1236 .A34 2000 Action for gender equality and the advancement of women : United Nations General Assembly Special Session, "Women 2000: gender equality, development, and peace for the twenty-first century." 1
HQ1236 .A758 1993 Changing the discourse : a guide to women and human rights / 1
HQ1236 .A76 1999 Politics & feminism / 1
HQ1236 .B23 1999 Women, policy and politics : the construction of policy problems / 1
HQ1236 .B23 1999eb Women, policy, and politics the construction of policy problems / 1
HQ1236 .B237 2014 Defying convention : US resistance to the UN women's rights treaty / 1
HQ1236 .B237 2014eb Defying convention : US resistance to the UN treaty on women's rights / 1
HQ1236 .B264 2016 Gendering legislative behavior : institutional constraints and collaboration /
Gendering Legislative Behavior : Institutional Constraints and Collaboration /
HQ1236 .B27 1998 Women on the defensive : living through conservative times / 3
HQ1236 .B28 Women and politics : the invisible majority / 1
HQ1236 .B28 1983 Women and politics : the visible majority / 2
HQ1236 .B3 1915i Woman's work in municipalities 1