Call Number (LC) Title Results
HQ1028 .T73 1850i Marriage with a deceased wife's sister considered with reference to the authority of scripture / 1
HQ1031 Conversations of Intercultural Couples.
Embracing the stranger : intermarriage and the future of the American Jewish community /
Intermarriage throughout history /
Got religion? : how churches, mosques, and synagogues can bring young people back /
Cross-cultural marriage identity and choice /
Mixed families in a transnational world /
JewAsian : race, religion, and identity for America's newest Jews /
Intermarriage and the friendship of peoples : ethnic mixing in Soviet Central Asia /
Beloved Strangers : Interfaith Families in Nineteenth-Century America /
Religious assortative marriage in the United States /
Intermarriage and mixed parenting, promoting mental health and wellbeing : crossover love /
Mixed family life in the UK : an ethnographic study of Japanese-British families /
Chinese-British intermarriage : disentangling gender and ethnicity /
Loving : interracial intimacy in America and the threat to white supremacy /
Jewish on their own terms how intermarried couples are changing American Judaism /
HQ1031 .A325 2016 Sanctioning matrimony : western expansion and interethnic marriage in the Arizona borderlands / 2
HQ1031 .A34 Adjustment in intercultural marriage / 1
HQ1031 .A43 1999 An American love story 1
HQ1031 .A85 2013 Why you can't get married : an unwedding album / 1
HQ1031 .B33513 1989 Marriage across frontiers / 1
HQ1031 .B345 2015 Conquerors, brides, and concubines : interfaith relations and social power in medieval Iberia / 2
HQ1031 .B42 Jews and intermarriage : a study in personality and culture / 1
HQ1031 .B76 One marriage, two faiths : guidance on interfaith marriage / 1
HQ1031 .B793 2015 Pourquoi j'ai refusé la religion de mon mari? : Quand la foi interfère dans le couple. 1
HQ1031 .B795 2011 Jews and intermarriage in Nazi Austria / 1
HQ1031 .B795 2011eb Jews and intermarriage in Nazi Austria / 1
HQ1031 .B97 2011 Intercultural couples : crossing boundaries, negotiating difference / 1
HQ1031 .C376 2016 Social integration and intermarriage in Europe Islam, partner-choices and parental influence / 1
HQ1031 .C38 2007 Married to a daughter of the land : Spanish-Mexican women and interethnic marriage in California, 1820-1880 / 1
HQ1031 .C383 2017 Loving : interracial intimacy in America and the threat to white supremacy / 1
HQ1031 .C46 2021 Love across borders : Asian Americans, race, and the politics of intermarriage and family-making / 1
HQ1031 .C48 Forever plural : the perception and practice of inter-communal marriage in Singapore / 1
HQ1031 .C485 2005 Navigating interracial borders : black-white couples and their social worlds / 3