Call Number (LC) Title Results
HJ4652 .M35 Income tax story. 1
HJ4652 .M386 2013 Rich people's movements : grassroots campaigns to untax the one percent / 1
HJ4652 .M386 2013eb Rich people's movements : grassroots campaigns to untax the one percent / 2
HJ4652 .M3874 2019 Making tax sense : the case for a progressive consumed-income tax / 1
HJ4652 .M68 Federal income tax handbook, 1935-36 / 1
HJ4652 .M68 1936-37 Federal income tax handbook, 1936-37 / 1
HJ4652 .M7 1922 Income tax procedure, 1922 : including federal capital stock tax, federal estate tax, and supplement to Excess profits tax procedure, 1921 / 1
HJ4652 .M715 Federal tax practice ; practice before the Treasury, Board of tax appeals, and federal courts / 1
HJ4652 .M715 1938 Federal tax practices ; practice before the Treasury, Board of Tax Appeals, and federal courts / 1
HJ4652 .M722 Montgomery's federal taxes. 1
HJ4652 .M87 1989 A brief tax guide for the independent music teacher. 1
HJ4652 .N23 Facing the issue of income tax discrimination : a statement on the five-year income tax reduction plan / 1
HJ4652 .N25 1921 Revenue act of 1921 : complete text, reference notes, tables and index. 1
HJ4652 .N27 1917 Digest of federal income and war excess profits tax laws : with table showing amount of income tax on net incomes ranging from $3000 to $3,000,000 ... Income Tax Act of September 8, 1916; War Income Tax, War Excess Profits Tax, Act of October 3, 1917. 1
HJ4652 .N4 1918 Income tax law and accounting, 1918 : being a practical application of the provisions of the federal income tax act of September 8, 1916, as amended; the war income tax and the war excess profits tax laws of October 3, 1917; and containing the corporation capital stock tax law and rulings thereon; federal estate tax, excise and miscellaneous war taxes; and the New York state income tax statute applicable to manufacturing and mercantile corporations / 1
HJ4652 .N58 Income tax procedure. 1
HJ4652 .N67 Federal income taxes: research and planning / 1
HJ4652 .O38 A tax case in slow motion : the steps taken, the forms used, the conversations and examinations held, the exhibits, the trial, all the moves and counter moves from the agent's examination of the income tax return, through the United States Court of Appeals / 1
HJ4652 .O54 Saving income taxes by short term trusts / 1
HJ4652 .O88 The federal income tax burden on households : the effect of tax law changes / 1