Call Number (LC) Title Results
HJ3252 .A5 1944 c Existing federal taxes (as of December 1, 1944) / 1
HJ3252 .B45 1989 Taxpayers in revolt : tax resistance during the Great Depression / 1
HJ3252 .C65 Federal tax procedure and appeals; a treatise on the statutes, regulations, court decisions, Board of tax appeals opinions, decisions, orders and forms, Treasury decisions, Internal revenue rulings, evidence, practice and procedure pertaining to income, estate and excise taxes and court and Board of tax appeals decisions on avoiding and minimizing taxes, 1
HJ3252 .C65 1995 A guide to TIN compliance : interest, dividend, backup withholding and related IRS reporting issues / 1
HJ3252 .C653 1954 New revenue code of '54 explained : based on the new law as finally passed by Congress July 29, 1954 and sent to the President for his approval. 1
HJ3252 .C66 1949 Federal tax program to promote full employment. 1
HJ3252 .C7 The Federal tax system of the United States : a survey of law and administration. 1
HJ3252 .F7 The tax practice deskbook / 1
HJ3252 .H33 Fundamentals of federal taxation / 1
HJ3252 .H36 1984 To harass our people : the IRS and government abuse of power / 1
HJ3252 .H37 Taxation in the United States / 1
HJ3252 .H45 Taxation--dollars and sense /
Taxation--dollars and sense
HJ3252 .L4 Minimizing taxes. 1
HJ3252 .M37 Reflections of a revenuer. 1
HJ3252 .M6 1933/34 Federal tax handbook : 1933-34 / 1
HJ3252 .M6 1934/35 Federal tax handbook : 1934-35 / 1
HJ3252 .P3 Studies in federal taxation : taxation without misrepresentation : covering a restatement of the law of tax avoidance realistic valuation for federal tax-purposes : and suggested modifications of the bad debt provision / 1
HJ3252 .P33 Studies in federal taxation : Third series / 1
HJ3252 .P67 1937 Federal tax law with explanatory digest : Revenue act of 1936 as amended by Revenue act of 1937. 1
HJ3252 .R8 1958 Taxation. 1