Call Number (LC) Title Results
HG9968 .R69 1956i Federal crop insurance a description / 1
HG9968 .S77 1991 Strategies for crop insurance planning / 1
HG9968 .U55 1980i Federal Crop Insurance Act of 1980 P.L. 96-365, 94 Stat. 1312, September 26, 1980. 1
HG9968 .U55 1994i Federal Crop Insurance Reform and Department of Agriculture Reorganization Act of 1994 P.L. 103-354, 108 Stat. 3178, October 13, 1994. 1
HG9968 .U56 1998 Crop revenue insurance : problems with new plans need to be addressed : report to the Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives / 1
HG9968.6 .E25 2006eb The economics of livestock disease insurance : concepts, issues and international case studies / 1
HG9968.8 .D59 2007 Commercial wind insurance in the Gulf States : developments since Hurricane Katrina and challenges moving forward / 1
HG9969.A357 WEATHER INDEX INSURANCE FOR SMALLHOLDER FARMERS IN AFRICA lessons learnt and goals for the future. 1
HG9969.D44 A475 1992 Agricultural insurance in developing countries : study / 1
HG9969.D44 R63 2005 Insurance of crops in developing countries / 1
HG9969.E86 M48 1999 Income insurance in European agriculture / 1
HG9969.J4 M4 Agricultural insurance in organic connection with savings-banks, land-credit, and the commutation of debts : [proposals for the amelioration of the condition of the Japanese agriculturist, 1866] / 1
HG9969.U6 U53 1978 Protecting the farmer against natural hazards : issues and options / 1
HG9969.5-9999 Guide to Trade Credit Insurance.
Climate-Induced Disasters in the Asia-Pacific Region Response, Recovery, Adaptation.
HG9970.A3 A78 Financial protection against atomic hazards [final report] Jan. 1957.
Financial protection against atomic hazards [final report] January 1957 /
HG9970.A3 A8 Preliminary report on financial protection against atomic hazards / 1
HG9970.A3 A8 1958 Financial protection against atomic hazards : international aspects : a study under the auspices of Harvard Law School and Atomic Industrial Forum / 1
HG9970.A3 A81 International problems of financial protection against nuclear risk : a study under the auspices of Harvard Law School and Atomic Industrial Forum, inc. 1
HG9970.A32 A55 AEC Report on Indemnity act and Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards. 1
HG9970.A4 W42 Collective merchandising of automobile insurance: the employers' view / 1