Call Number (LC) Title Results
HG3826 .R6 Reserves, reserve currencies, and vehicle currencies : an argument / 1
HG3834 .E55 Exchange control in central Europe / 1
HG3834 .H5 Främmande valutalag och internationell privaträtt : studier i de främmande offentligrättsliga lagarnas tillämplighet. Foreign exchange restrictions and private international law; studies in the enforcement and recognition of foreign penal, revenue, confiscatory, and political laws in different legal systems. 1
HG3834 .L45 La réglementation des paiements internationaux : traité de droit comparé sur les devises, le clearing et les accords de paiements, les conflits des lois / 1
HG3834 .M34 Foreign trade monopoly, private international law / 1
HG3836.F8 L23 La monnaie de papier et le change. : L'étalon d'or et l'étalon de papier, la hausse des prix, le commerce extérieur, le marché des valeurs mobilières, les recettes budgétaires. 1
HG3836.G7 .G74 La cambiale in diritto inglese, 1
HG3836.G7 W3 The history and mechanism of the Exchange equalisation account. 1
HG3836.J3 I8 Tegatahō kogittehō / 1
HG3836.J3 I84 1969 Tegatahō kogittehō / 1
HG3836.L4 S23 The foreign exchange systems of Lebanon and Syria, 1939-1957 / 1
HG3851 Foreign exchange operations : master trading agreements, settlement, and collateral /
International Financial Markets and Agricultural Trade.
The International Monetary System : Highlights From Fifty Years Of Princeton's Essays In International Finance.
The Bill on London : or, the Finance of Trade by Bills of Exchange.
Foreign exchange practical asset pricing and macroeconomic theory /
Planet Forex : currency trading in the digital age /
Foreign exchange rates : a research overview of the latest prediction techniques /
Thirty days of FOREX trading : trades, tactics, and techniques /
17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies.
The sensible guide to Forex : safer, smarter ways to survive and prosper from the start /
Basics of Foreign Exchange Markets : A Monetary Systems Approach /
Currency Trading For Dummies /
Forex demystified /
Getting Started with Forex Trading Using Python Beginner's Guide to the Currency Market and Development of Trading Algorithms /
Currency trading for dummies /
Trading in the global currency markets /
The Financial Times guide to foreign exchange trading /
Wechselkursstabilisierung und Währungskooperation /
The art of currency trading a professional's guide to the foreign exchange market /
HG3851 .A23 2006eb FEER for the CFA Franc / 1
HG3851 .A46 1995 Foreign exchange intervention : theory and evidence / 1
HG3851 .A739 2012 Getting started in currency trading / 1
HG3851 .A74 1982 Exchange-rate management in theory and practice / 1
HG3851 .B39 1983 Foreign exchange handbook / 1
HG3851 .B43 1984 Reserve-currency diversification and the substitution account / 2
HG3851 .B435 1997 Managing foreign exchange risk : how to identify and manage foreign currency exposure / 1
HG3851 .B468 2008 Forex shockwave analysis / 1