Call Number (LC) Title Results
HF1558.2 .R8697 2019eb Russian trade policy : achievements, challenges and prospects / 1
HF1558.2 .R87 1998eb Russian trade policy reform for WTO accession / 1
HF1558.2 .S55 2017eb Culture, political economy and civilization in a multipolar world order : the case of Russia / 2
HF1558.2 .T7 2003 Trade policies in Russia the role of local and regional governments / 1
HF1558.2 .W67 2017 Hegemony, international political economy and post-communist Russia / 1
HF1558.2.Z4 U8 1994 Dual-use technologies and export administration in the post-Cold War era : documents from a joint program of the National Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences / 1
HF1558.2.Z5 F377 1995 The Russian Far East in transition : opportunities for regional economic cooperation / 1
HF1558.28 Ukraine's Trade Policy : a Strategy for Integration into Global Trade. 3
HF1558.28 .U39 2004eb Ukraine's WTO accession challenge for domestic economic reforms / 1
HF1558.28 .U395 2005 Ukraine's trade policy : a strategy for integration into global trade. 1
HF1558.28.Z4 E8 2006 The prospect of deep free trade between the European Union and Ukraine / 1
HF1558.3.I4 Finland-India Business Opportunities : Connecting the Swan and the Elephant / 1
HF1558.3.Z4 S654 1983 Finnish-Soviet economic relations / 1
HF1558.5.D44 B78 1990 Soviet-Third World relations in a capitalist world : the political economy of broken promises / 1
HF1558.5.P16 S68 1991 The Soviets and the Pacific challenge / 1
HF1558.5.U6 K56 1987 How to do business with Russians : a handbook and guide for Western world business people / 1
HF1558.7 .T73 Trade policy review. 1
HF1558.7.Z4 E8447 1999 The Role of Foreign Direct Investment and Trade Policies in Poland's Accession to the European Union. 1
HF1558.75.Z4 E856 1996 From the North Sea to the Baltic : essays in commercial, monetary and agrarian history, 1500-1800 / 1
HF1559 .M36 2010eb Managing crises and de-globalisation : Nordic foreign trade and exchange, 1919-39 / 1