Call Number (LC) Title Results
HD70.R9 A98 Managerial power and Soviet politics / 1
HD70.R9 B4 Factory and manager in the USSR. 1
HD70.R9 B83 1996 Business and management in Russia / 1
HD70.R9 D63 Rentabelʹnostʹ promyshlennogo predpri︠i︡ati︠i︡a i puti ee povysheni︠i︡a. 1
HD70.R9 E2 1997 Market or mafia : Russian managers on the difficult road towards an open society / 1
HD70.R9 G53 2016 Corporate strategy in post-communist Russia / 2
HD70.R9 G66 The Red executive : a study of the organization man in Russian industry. 1
HD70.R9 K3 1961 Ėkonomika organiza︠t︡si︠i︡a i planirovanie promyshlennogo predpri︠i︡ati︠i︡a. 1
HD70.R9 K32 Khoz︠i︡aĭstvennoe rukovodstvo promyshlennym predpri︠i︡atiem v SSSR. 1
HD70.R9 K46 Ėkonomicheskie problemy organiza︠t︡sii promyshlennogo proizvodstva. 1
HD70.R9 -- K68 2015eb Enterprise Restructuring and the Role of Managers in Russia : Case Studies of Firms in Transition : Case Studies of Firms in Transition. 1
HD70.R9 K68 2015eb Enterprise restructuring and the role of managers in Russia : case studies of firms in transition / 1
HD70.R9 M68 Voprosy ėkonomiki i organiza︠t︡sii proizvodstva v promyshlennosti Moskvy. : sbornik stateĭ / 1
HD70.R9 P677 Planning, profit and incentives in USSR / 1
HD70.R9 P844 2000 The Russian capitalist experiment : from state-owned organizations to entrepreneurships / 1
HD70.R9 R48 Management development and education in the Soviet Union / 1
HD70.R9 R5 Soviet management : with significant American comparisons / 1
HD70.R9 R863 1996 The Russian enterprise in transition : case studies / 2
HD70.R9 R868 Implementation of Soviet economic reforms : political, organizational, and social processes / 2
HD70.R9 S564 2017eb Reforming the Russian industrial workplace : international management standards meet the Soviet legacy / 1