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HC79.E44 R36 No. 32571 Gender issues and best practices in land administration projects : a synthesis report / 2
HC79.E44 S56 2012 S'intégrer pour s'enrichir l'intégration régionale et les stratégies de réduction de la pauvreté en Afrique de l'ouest / 1
HC79.E44 T73 2017eb Transformation, politics and implementation : smart implementation in governance programs / 1
HC79.E44 U38 2004 Evaluating sustainable development : giving people a voice in their destiny / 1
HC79.E5 Sustainable development and resource productivity : the Nexus approaches /
Sustainable economics for the Anthropocene : the Economic Scale of Global Boundaries (ESGB) model /
FinTech and artificial intelligence for sustainable development : the role of smart technologies in achieving development goals /
Prospects and policies for global sustainable recovery : promoting environmental and economic sustainability /
Proceedings of I4SDG Workshop 2023 : IFToMM for Sustainable Development Goals /
Valuing the environment : six case studies /
The value of a whale : on the illusions of green capitalism /
Global change, ecosystems, sustainability : theory, methods, practice /
Eco-politics and global climate change /
Complex systems innovation and sustainability in the digital age.
Sustainable development and environmental stewardship : global initiatives towards engaged sustainability /
The great mindshift : how a new economic paradigm and sustainability transformations go hand in hand /
Circularity assessment : macro to nano : accountability towards sustainability /
Foundations of a sustainable market economy : guiding principles for change /
Capacity-building and the water-energy-food nexus : rethinking integration in the Asia-Pacific /
Multidimensional sustainability proceedings of ISPGAYA 2022 /
Smart green innovations in Industry 4.0 new opportunities for climate change risk management in the decade of action /
Bioeconomy : theory and practice /
Cities in global transition : creating sustainable communities in Australia /
Handbook of theory and practice of sustainable development in higher education.
Green economy reader : lectures in ecological economics and sustainability /
Balancing development and sustainability in tourism destinations : proceedings of the Tourism Outlook Conference 2015 /
Sustainable development research at universities in the United Kingdom : approaches, methods and projects /
Economic integration, currency union, and sustainable and inclusive growth in East Africa /
Sustainable value creation : an inevitable challenge to business and aociety /
Agent-based modeling of sustainable behaviors /
Northern sustainabilities : understanding and addressing change in the circumpolar world /
The Routledge handbook of catalysts for a sustainable circular economy /
Mathematical advances towards sustainable environmental systems /
The circular economy : meeting sustainable development goals /
Moving from the millennium to the sustainable development goals lessons and recommendations /
Natural resources available today and in the future : how to perform change management for achieving a sustainable world /
Los ODS Como Elemento Transversal y Clave para el Cambio Hacia una Educación de Calidad
Handbook of environmental and sustainable finance /
Global stability through decentralization? : in search for the right balance between central and decentral solutions /
Services and the green economy /
Using the telephone to interview professionals : understanding the use of models in environmental policy /
Sustainable development, decent work and green jobs : fifth item on the agenda /
Integrative approaches to sustainable development at university level : making the links /
Nanotechnology for sustainable development /
Transformative approaches to sustainable development at universities : working across disciplines /
Human green development report 2014 /
Road to Net Zero : strategic pathways for sustainability-driven business transformation /
Environment in Global Sustainability Governance: Perceptions, Actors, Innovations
Social and ecological system dynamics : characteristics, trends, and integration in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia /
The Role of Non-State Actors in the Green Transition : Building a Sustainable Future.
A sustainable bioeconomy : the green industrial revolution /
Economics of sustainable energy /
Circular economy adoption : catalysing decarbonisation through policy instruments /
Social accounting for sustainability : monetizing the social value /
Handbook of sustainability science in the future : policies, technologies and education by 2050 /
China : innovative green development /
The contribution of social sciences to sustainable development at universities /
Behavioural economics and the environment : a research companion /
Improving the sustainable development goals : strategies and the governance challenge /
Handbook of Bioenergy Economics and Policy: Volume II Modeling Land Use and Greenhouse Gas Implications /
Environmental economics and sustainability /
Multiple helix ecosystems for sustainable competitiveness /
Life cycle assessment & circular economy /
Sustainable management : coping with the dilemmas of resource-oriented management /
The Sustainable Development Goals : Industry Sector Approaches.
Culture of Ecology Reconciling Economics and Environment
Spirituality and sustainable development /
Issues in teaching and learning of education for sustainability : theory into practice /
Governance and sustainability of responsible research and innovation processes : cases and experiences /
Embedding space in African society : the United Nations sustainable development goals 2030 supported by space applications /
International climate agreements under review : the potential of negotiation linkage between climate change and preferential free trade /
Cultures of transition and sustainability : culture after capitalism /
Smart growth entrepreneurs : partners in urban sustainability /
The anthropology of sustainability beyond development and progress /
Finance, economics, and industry for sustainable development : proceedings of the 3rd International Scientific Conference on Sustainable Development (ESG 2022), St. Petersburg 2022 /
Lecture notes on resource and environmental economics
Environmental Performance in Democracies and Autocracies Democratic Qualities and Environmental Protection /
Sustainable development strategies engineering, culture and economics /
Learning for Sustainability in a Digital World.
Global environmental sustainability case studies and analysis of the United Nation's journey toward sustainable development /
Implementing the circular economy for sustainable development
Economics and sustainability : social-ecological perspectives /
Designing climate solutions : a policy guide for low-carbon energy /
Sustainability in business a financial economics analysis /
Building sustainable cities social, economic and environmental factors /
The sustainable development theory a critical approach.
Innovation and Sustainability in Governments and Companies
Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis and Carbon Dioxide Emissions /
Sustainability standards and global governance : experiences of emerging economies /
Public administration in Ethiopia : case studies and lessons for sustainable development /
Adaptiveness : changing earth system governance /
The political impact of the sustainable development goals : transforming governance through global goals? /
Landmarks for sustainability : events and initiatives that have changed our world /
Transformative sustainable development : participation, reflection and change /
Green Industrial Policy in Emerging Countries.
Sustainable bioeconomy : pathways to sustainable development goals /
Government and the Environment the Role of the Modern State in the Face of Global Challenges.
Sustainability in finance : banking on the planet /
The political economy of sustainable development : valuation, distribution, governance /
Smart cities, green technologies, and intelligent transport systems : 5th International Conference, SMARTGREENS 2016, and Second International Conference, VEHITS 2016, Rome, Italy, April 23-25, 2016, Revised selected papers /
Environmental finance for the Developing World /
Reducing Inequalities Towards Sustainable Development Goals Multilevel Approach.
The Social Response to Environmental Risk : Policy Formulation in an Age of Uncertainty /
A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation /
No-regret Potentials in Energy Conservation : an Analysis of Their Relevance, Size and Determinants /
La communication responsable : intégrer le développement durable dans les métiers de la communication /
Circular economy strategies and the UN Sustainable Development Goals /
Sustainable boardrooms : democratising governance and technology for society and economy /
Engineering, science, and sustainability : advancements in technology and techniques : proceeding of the International Sustainability Conference, August 21-22, 2022 /
Governance and management of sustainable innovation learning from experience to shape the future /
Communication, culture and ecology rethinking sustainable development in Asia /
Sustainable development in energy and environment select proceedings of ICSDEE 2019 /
Contemporary issues in sustainable finance creating an efficient market through innovative policies and instruments /
Nature-based solutions for resilient ecosystems and societies
Handbook of environmental economics.
Environmental economics and computable general equilibrium analysis essays in memory of Yuzuru Miyata /
Environmental sustainability in a time of change
Atlas du développement durable et responsable /
International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure 2019 : Leading resilient communities through the 21st century : proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure 2019 : November 6-9, 2019, Los Angeles, California /
Buying and selling the environment : how to design and implement a PES scheme /
International aid and the making of a better world : reflexive practice /
Scarcity and growth : the economics of natural resource availability /
Scarcity and growth reconsidered /
System Innovation for Sustainability 3 : Case Studies in Sustainable Consumption and Production -- Food and Agriculture /
Environmental risk, environmental values, and political choices : beyond efficiency trade-offs in public policy analysis /
The "Earth Summit" agreements : a guide and assessment : an analysis of the Rio '92 UN Conference on Environment and Development /
Earth follies : feminism, politics and the environment /
Dimensions of sustainability : proceedings of the congress challenges of sustainable development, Amsterdam, 22-25 August 1996 /
Decision-making for a sustainable environment : a systemic approach /
Implementing triple bottom line sustainability into global supply chains /
Green pages : the business of saving the world /
Natural resources : allocation, economics, and policy /
Introduction to Energy and Climate.
Green Up! : Sustainable Design Solutions for Healthier Work and Living Environments.
The way forward : beyond Agenda 21 /
The trillion dollar shift /
Technical change, relative prices, and environmental resource evaluation /
The seven competences of the sustainable professional : developing best practice in a work setting /
Economics of environmental and natural resources policy /
Sustainability, Conservation and Creativity : Ethnographic Learning from Small-Scale Practices.
Dictionary of environmental economics /
Production, growth, and the environment : an economic approach /
Environmental Management in a Low Carbon Economy
Sustainability, green IT and education strategies in the twenty-first century /
The world we'll leave behind : grasping the sustainability challenge /
Sustainability science : key issues /
Cultures of sustainability and wellbeing : theories, histories and policies /
New Ideas in Environmental Education /
International economic regulation
The theory and practice of command and control in environmental policy /
Territorio, equidad y desarrollo /
Experiments in Environmental Economics, Volumes I and II.
Sustaining prosperity, nature and wellbeing : what do the indicators tell us? /
Principles of Sustainable Development.
Cultural sustainability : perspectives from the humanities and social sciences /
Designing the purposeful world : the sustainable development goals as a blueprint for humanity /
Arctic sustainability research : past, present and future /
Reframing economic policy towards sustainability : explored through a case study into aviation /
Pragmatic sustainability : dispositions for critical adaptation /
Natural resource information for economic development /
The ecological modernisation reader : environmental reform in theory and practice /
Information and communication technologies for development evaluation /
Guanxi and local green development in China : the role of entrepreneurs and local leaders /
Spatial aspects of environmental policy /
Strategies for National Sustainable Development : a handbook for their planning and implementation /
Policies for a small planet : from the International Institute for Environment and Development /
Maintaining a satisfactory environment : an agenda for international environmental policy /
Collaborative environmental governance frameworks : a practical guide /
The environment and externality : theory, algorithms and applications /
Population and strategies for national sustainable development : a guide to assist national policy makers in linking population and environment in strategies for sustainable development /
Leading transformative change collectively : a practitioner guide to realizing the SDGs /
The evolution of economic wellbeing progress-driven economic policies in the era of globalization /
Wasted : counting the costs of global consumption /
Transdisciplinarity for sustainability : aligning diverse practices /
Struggles and successes in the pursuit of sustainable development /
Emerging technologies for sustainability : proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Emerging Research Areas (AICERA 2019), July 18-20, 2019, Kottayam, Kerala /
Economic theory for environmentalists /
Human ecology, human economy : ideas for an ecologically sustainable future /
Introduction to sustainability analytics /
Only one earth : living for the future /
Sustainability governance and hierarchy /
Economics and the environment : a signalling and incentives approach /
Finance, society and sustainability how to make the financial system work for the economy, people and the planet /
Economics for environmental professionals /
Sustainability in contemporary rural Japan : challenges and opportunities /
Beyond the green economy /
Reconstructing sustainability science : knowledge and action for a sustainable future /
The sustainable renovation of buildings and neighbourhoods /
The Palgrave handbook of sustainability : case studies and practical solutions /
The breakthrough challenge : 10 ways to connect today's profit with tomorrow's bottom line /
Tourism in a transforming wold economy and the impacts of the brave new world : how might developing nations achieve long-term sustainable development.
Data science applied to sustainability analysis /
Barriers to a better environment : what stops us solving environmental problems? /
Managing water, soil and waste resources to achieve sustainable development goals : monitoring and implementation of integrated resources management /
Choosing the future : economic awareness and environmental issues.
Sacred civics : building seven generation cities /
Ecosystem Services : Economics and Policy /
Energy and global climate change : bridging the sustainable development divide /
Extreme events : observations, modeling, and economics /
Feeding the Planet: Environmental Protection through Sustainable Agriculture.
Markets and the environment /
Climate change and human development /
Entropy, Environment and Resources : an Essay in Physico-Economics /
Society & Its Environment.
Environmental sustainability and development in organizations challenges and new strategies /
Estudios jurídicos sobre aprovechamiento sustenable de los recursos naturales aproximación a alternativas jurídicas para la sostenibilidad y seguridad alimentaria.
Ecological footprint : managing our biocapacity budget /
Deconstructing Human Development From the Washington Consensus to the 2030 Agenda.
The circular economy : case studies about the transition from the linear economy /
The sustainability communication reader : a reflective compendium /
Regenerative development and design : a framework for evolving sustainability /
Complexity economics for environmental governance /
Evaluating environment in international development /
Circular economy : from waste reduction to value creation /
Extinction curve : growth and globalisation in the climate endgame /
Environmental alpha : institutional investors and climate change /
Common pool resources : strategic behavior, inefficiencies, and incomplete information /
Reuniting economy and ecology in sustainable development /
Greenhouse economics : value and ethics /
Posthuman International Relations : Complexity, Ecologism and Global Politics.
Global development goals and linkages to health and sustainability : workshop summary /
Practicing circular economy /
Sustainability metrics and indicators of environmental impact industrial and agricultural life cycle assessment /
Handbook on sustainability transition and sustainable peace /
Methods in sustainability science assessment, prioritization, improvement, design and optimization /
Buddhist and Taoist systems thinking : the natural path to sustainable transformation /
Towards just and sustainable economies : the social and solidarity economy North and South /
Assessing progress toward sustainability frameworks, tools and case studies /
The Palgrave handbook of international communication and sustainable development
Regenerative development and design a framework for evolving sustainability /
The policy uptake of citizen sensing /
Circular economy and sustainability.
Sustainable development : a question of identity.
Inclusive Green Growth Index : a New Benchmark for Quality of Growth /
Organicity : entropy or evolution /
Work in a warming world /
Energy, resources and welfare : exploration of social frameworks for sustainable development /
Technologies for development : from innovation to social impact /
Introduction to the environmental humanities /
Sustainability : a key idea for business and society /
Transformative pathways to sustainability : learning across disciplines, cultures and contexts /
Engineering sustainable life on earth : alleviating adverse climate change through better design /
The economics and business of sustainability
Environmental evaluation and global development institutions : a case study of the global environment facility /
Real-time simulation for sustainable production : enhancing user experience and creating business value /
The behavioral economics of climate change : adaptation behaviors, global public goods, breakthrough technologies, and policy-making /
GREEN ECONOMY opportunities and challenges.
Who will save Amazonia? : world heritage or full destruction /
Structural Transformation and Sustainable Development in the Global South : an Integrated Approach.
Sustainable Development Goals and Indian Cities : Inclusion, Diversity and Citizen Rights.
Every (repurposed) product has a story /
Only one Earth the long road via Rio to sustainable development /
Living in the megacity : towards sustainable urban environments /
Open data for sustainable community glocalized sustainable development goals /
Environmental valuation with discrete choice experiments : guidance on design, implementation and data analysis /
Advances in Sustainable Energy /
Decent work and economic growth /
EcoDesign and sustainability.
Revealed Preference Approaches to Environmental Valuation Volumes I and II.
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Green societies : environmental sustainability /
Fostering transformative change for sustainability in the context of socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes (SEPLS) /
Bio#Futures foreseeing and exploring the bioeconomy /
Developing sustainability competences through pedagogical approaches experiences from international case studies /
Sustainable consumption and production.
Tropical constrained environments and sustainable adaptations businesses and communities /
Accounting and statistical analyses for sustainable development multiple perspectives and information-theoretic complexity reduction /
The economics and policies of environmental standards /
COVID-19 paving the way for a more sustainable world /
Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Water Energy Food and Sustainability (ICoWEFS 2021) /
Assessment of ecological footprints /
Universities, sustainability and society : supporting the implementation of the sustainable development goals /
Theories of change : change leadership tools, models and applications for investing in sustainable development /
Cooperation and sustainable development
Co-creativity and engaged scholarship : transformative methods in social sustainability research /
Sustainable policies and practices in energy, environment and health research addressing cross-cutting issues /
Climate resilience and environmental sustainability approaches global lessons and local challenges /
ICT systems and sustainability Proceedings of ICT4SD 2020.
ICT analysis and applications proceedings of ICT4SD 2020.
Proceedings of I4SDG Workshop 2021 IFToMM for Sustainable Development Goals /
Innovations and traditions for sustainable development /
Economic policies for sustainability and resilience /
Compromiso con los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible.
Project management and BIM for sustainable modern cities : proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures, Egypt 2018 : the official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE) /
Sustainable development, human dignity and choice lessons from the ENRICH Programme, Bangladesh /
Sustainable development society, ecology, economy : proceedings of the XVth International Scientific Conference 2019, 28 March 2019, Moscow Witte University /
Sustainable development goals for society. selected topics of global relevance /
Sustainability, technology and innovation 4.0 /
Pathways to a sustainable economy : bridging the gap between Paris climate change commitments and net zero emissions /
New challenges in sustainable development for russia and the world.
Future carbon fund : delivering co-benefits for sustainable development /
Efficient Conservation Of Crop Genetic Diversity : Theoretical Approaches And Empirical Studies /
Green growth : ideology, political economy, and the alternatives /
A step ahead : competition policy for shared prosperity and inclusive growth /
Towards a green economy pathways to sustainable development and poverty eradication.
Marketing for sustainable development : rethinking consumption models /
International norms, normative change, and the UN sustainable development goals /
Harnessing the data revolution to achieve the sustainable development goals : enabling frogs to leap.
Industry 4.0 exploring the consequences of climate change /
Technology, globalization, and sustainable development : transforming the industrial state /
Sustainability : a way to abundance /
Transforming multilateral diplomacy : the inside story of the sustainable development goals /
Sustainability in transition : principles for developing solutions /
Global environmental commons analytical and political challenges in building governance mechanisms /
Language and sustainable development /
Islands and resilience : experiences from the pandemic era /
Parliaments' contributions to security sector governance/reform and the sustainable development goals : testing parliaments' resolve in security sector governance during Covid-19 /
Economic evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, economic ethics : a review with regard to climate change - figures in the sustainability discourse /
Towards a circular economy : transdisciplinary approach for business /
Ecodesign : a life cycle approach for a sustainable future /
Circular economy in textiles and apparel : processing, manufacturing, and design /
Environment and development economics : essays in honour of Sir Partha Dasgupta /
Resilience and Regional Dynamics : An International Approach to a New Research Agenda /
Climate change and common sense essays in honour of Tom Schelling /
Sustainable production system : eco-development versus sustainable development /
Politicization of Ecological Issues : From Environmental Forms to Environmental Motives.
Factor X : challenges, implementation strategies and examples for a sustainable use of natural resources /
Come on! : capitalism, short-termism, population and the destruction of the planet /
Economía ecológica y política ambiental
Sustainability in innovation and entrepreneurship : policies and practices for a world with finite resources /
The green economy and the water-energy-food nexus
Life below water /
Environment and sustainable development
Pathways to environmental sustainability : methodologies and experiences /
Towards sustainability : major challenges for corporate law, corporate governance and regulation /
Sustainability perspectives for resources and business /
Foundations for sustainability : a coherent framework of life--environment relations /
Probability is all we have : uncertainties, delays, and environmental policy making /
Religion and sustainability interreligious resources, interdisciplinary responses ; intersection of sustainability studies and religion, theology and philosophy /
Radical ecological economics and accounting to save the planet the failure of mainstream economists /
Green capital : a new perspective on growth /
The wonderful circles of Oz : a circular economy story /
The Essentials of Economic Sustainability.
Sustainability calling : underpinning technologies /
Environmental economics : theory and policy in equilibrium /
Environmental sustainability in emerging markets : consumer, organisation and policy perspectives /
Comprehensive Evaluation of Effective Biomass Resource Utilization and Optimal Environmental Policies
Modeling innovation sustainability and technologies : economic and policy perspectives /
Innovation and interdisciplinary solutions for underserved areas : first International Conference, InterSol 2017 and Sixth Collogue National sur la Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications, CNRIA 2017, Dakar, Senegal, April 11-12, 2017, Proceedings /
Systems thinking for sustainable development : climate change and the environment /
The water-energy-food nexus : human-environmental security in the Asia-Pacific ring of fire /
Translating national policy to improve environmental conditions impacting public health through community planning /
Systems analysis approach for complex global challenges /
New vision 2050 : a platinum society /
Ecological transition in education and research /
Operationalizing sustainability /
Energy Economics: A Modern Introduction /
Circular economy impact on carbon and water footprint /
The age of sustainable development /
Exploring synergies and trade-offs between climate change and the sustainable development goals /
Measuring sustainable development goals performance /
Achieving a just transition to a low-carbon economy /
Community empowerment, sustainable cities, and transformative economies
Transformational change for people and the planet : evaluating environment and development /
Technologies for sustainable development : a way to reduce poverty? /
Sustainable development in Asia : socio-economic, financial, and economic perspectives /
Artificial intelligence and environmental sustainability : challenges and solutions in the era of Industry 4.0 /
Importance of microbiology teaching and microbial resource management for sustainable futures
Microbehavioral econometric methods : theories, models, and applications for the study of environmental and natural resources /
Sustainable operations strategies : the impact of human resource management and organisational practices on the triple bottom line /
Multiple criteria decision making for sustainable development : pursuing economic growth, environmental protection and social cohesion /
Natural Resource And Environmental Policy Analysis : Cases In Applied Economics /
Regenerative territories : dimensions of circularity for healthy metabolisms /
Sustainable finance in the green economy The 3rd Finance and Sustainability Conference, Wrocław 2019 /
The economics of pandemics : exploring globally shared experiences /
Environmental and natural resource economics
Building environmental peace : the UN environment programme as a knowledge actor /
A finer future : creating an economy in service to life /
Before the UN Sustainable Development Goals : a historical companion /
SDG11, sustainable cities and communities : moving forward with the circular economy /
Sustainable future for human security : environment and resources /
Handbook of sustainability and social science research /
Sustainable development research and practice in Mexico and selected Latin American countries
Lifelong learning and education in healthy and sustainable cities
Aid effectiveness for environmental sustainability /
Ergonomics and human factors for a sustainable future : current research and future possibilities /
Economic Policies for Sustainable Development /
Water-energy-food Nexus principles and practices /
Sustainable production system eco-development versus sustainable development /
Future challenges in evaluating and managing sustainable development in the built environment /
Good governance and the sustainable development goals in Southeast Asia /
Arctic sustainability research past, present and future /
Sustainability and intelligent management
The United Nations and sustainable development goals
Sustainable enterprise value creation : implementing stakeholder capitalism through full ESG integration /
The Palgrave handbook of international energy economics /
Vital Signs.
The social dimensions of the circular economy /
Sustainability science for strong sustainability /
Taking Complexity Seriously : Policy Analysis, Triangulation and Sustainable Development /
Sustainable Venice: Suggestions for the Future /
Coevolutionary Economics: The Economy, Society and the Environment /
The Economic Metabolism /
The Earthscan reader in sustainable development /
Environmental Policy and Societal Aims /
Sustainability: Dynamics and Uncertainty /
The State of the Environment in Asia : 1999/2000.
Soziologie der Nachhaltigkeit /
Environment and Development: An Economic Approach /
Evolution, Time, Production and the Environment /
National Income and Nature: Externalities, Growth and Steady State /
Law and Economics of International Climate Change Policy /
Entwicklung und Umwelt.
Economics of Water Resources: From Regulation to Privatization /
Meta-Analysis in Environmental Economics /
The Economics of Multispecies Harvesting : Theory and Application to the Barents Sea Fisheries /
Nonpoint Source Pollution Regulation: Issues and Analysis /
Environmental Protection: Public or Private Choice /
Reflexive Responsibilisierung : Verantwortung für nachhaltige Entwicklung /
The European Carbon Tax: An Economic Assessment /
Valuing the Environment: Methodological and Measurement Issues /
OPEC and the Price of Petroleum : Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence /
Integrating Insurance and Risk Management for Hazardous Wastes /
Trade, Innovation, Environment /
Europe between East and South /
Economics of the Environment : Theory and Policy /
Empirical modeling of the economy and the environment /
A resilience approach to acceleration of sustainable development goals /
Sustainable economic development : green economy and green growth /
Demanding sustainability : pillars to (re-)build a shared prosperity /
Achieving sustainability : the ultimate human challenge : critical barriers and future perspectives /
Korea : a Geography Based on the Author's Travels and Literature /
Conflicts and Cooperation in Managing Environmental Resources /
Energy resources and economic development in India /
Investing for Sustainability : the Management of Mineral Wealth /
Trade and the Environment : Analysis of Reciprocal Interactions /
The Resource Sector in an Open Economy /
Economic Theory and International Trade in Natural Exhaustible Resources /
Modeling Dynamic Economic Systems /
Toward social-ecological well-being : rethinking sustainability economics for the 21st Century /
The green economy and the water-energy-food nexus /
Resource Extraction and Market Structure /
Dynamic Timing Decisions Under Uncertainty : Essays on Invention, Innovation and Exploration in Resource Economics /
Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development /
The demand for urban water /
The Economics of Water Demands /
Economic Progress and Environmental Concerns /
Environmental Economics & the Mining Industry /
Efficiency in Environmental Regulation : a Benefit-Cost Analysis of Alternative Approaches /
Water in the Middle East : Potential for Conflicts and Prospects for Cooperation /
Energy Policy Modeling: United States and Canadian Experiences : Volume II Integrative Energy Policy Models /
Environmental Resource Valuation : Applications of the Contingent Valuation Method in Italy /
Energy Policy Modeling: United States and Canadian Experiences : Volume I Specialized Energy Policy Models /
Operations Research and Environmental Management /
Climate Change Policy and Global Trade /
Sustainable development science, ethics, and public policy /
Handbook for a sustainable economy /
Responsible living : concepts, education and future perspectives /
Sustainable development, knowledge society and smart future manufacturing technologies /
Time policies for a sustainable society /
Ecosystem services : concept, methods and case studies /
Sustainable consumption : design, innovation and practice /
Business and Sustainability Between Government Pressure and Self-Regulation /
Linking Local and Global Sustainability
Sustainability cases and studies in using operations research /
Digital and sustainable transformations in a post-COVID world : economic, social, and environmental challenges /
EU Islands and the clean energy transition
The economics of optimal growth pathways : evaluating the health of the planet's natural and ecological resources /
Climatenomics : Washington, Wall Street, and the economic battle to save our planet /
Advances in management, business and technological systems : road towards sustainable development /
Sustainable development disciplines for society : breaking down the 5Ps -- people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnerships /
Current problems of the global environmental economy under the conditions of climate change and the perspectives of sustainable development /
The route towards global sustainability : challenges and management practices /
Circular business management in sustainability : proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable, Circular Management and Environmental Engineering (ISCMEE 2022), October 19-20, 2022, İzmir, Turkey /
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Water Energy Food and Sustainability (ICoWEFS 2022) /
Rethinking economics starting from the commons : towards an economics of Francesco /
Integrating Economics, Ecology and Thermodynamics /
Applied geography and geoinformatics for sustainable development : proceedings of ICGGS 2022 /
Sustainable development disciplines for humanity : breaking down the 5Ps--people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnerships /
Rights Based Fishing /
Municipal Waste Management in Europe : a Comparative Study in Building Regimes /
Global Environmental Security : From Protection to Prevention /
Economic Incentives and Environmental Policies : Principles and Practice /
Economic Instruments for Air Pollution Control /
Measuring Water Quality Benefits /
Sustainable Development: Concepts, Rationalities and Strategies /
Managing Environmental Risk Through Insurance /
Resources Accounting in China /
Climate Policy Assessment : Asia-Pacific Integrated Modeling /
Environmental Policy and Market Structure /
Topics in Environmental Economics /
Social Costs of Energy Consumption : External Effects of Electricity Generation in the Federal Republic of Germany /
Computational Models in the Economics of Environment and Development /
Environmental Toxicology, Economics and Institutions : the Atrazine Case Study /
Green Accounting in Europe - Four case studies /
Decentralised Power Generation in the Liberalised EU Energy Markets : Results from the DECENT Research Project /
AI for the sustainable development goals
Possible Opportunities to Foster the Development of Innovative Alpine Timber Value Chains with regard to Bio-Economy and Circular Economy.
Kompetenzen für eine Nachhaltige Entwicklung aus der Perspektive beruflicher Praxis : Eine empirische Untersuchung zu idealtypischen subjektiven Theorien über nachhaltigkeitsbezogene Anforderungen /
Derecho, Legislación y Políticas Públicas en el Marco de Los ODS.
Sustainable operations and supply chain management /
Economics and price risks in international pellet supply chains /
Environment and sustainable development /
Consumption-based approaches in international climate policy /
Strategies towards the new sustainability paradigm : managing the great transition to sustainable global democracy /
Life : sustainable, programmable, bottom-up manufacturing /
Smart business : gaining an edge through IoT-powered sustainability /
Schooling for sustainable development in Europe : concepts, policies and educational experiences at the end of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development /
Sustainable futures in the built environment to 2050 : a foresight approach to construction and development /
Eco-innovation and the development of business models : lessons from experience and new frontiers in theory and practice /
Education for sustainable development and disaster risk reduction /
Rethinking education for sustainable development in a local community context /
Educational response, inclusion and empowerment for SDGs in emerging economies how do education systems contribute to raising global citizens? /
Engagement with sustainable development in higher education universities as transformative spaces for sustainable futures /
Circular economy and waste valorisation theory and practice from an international perspective /
Managing geo-based challenges : world-wide case studies and sustainable local solutions /
Corporate sustainability in international comparison : state of practice, opportunities and challenges /
Proceedings of ARCTD 2021 : Arctic territorial development /
Nature policies and landscape policies : towards an alliance /
Transitions to sustainability /
Responsibility in environmental governance : unwrapping the global food waste dilemma /
Psychology of sustainability : from sustainability marketing to social-ecological transformation /
Indigenous methodologies, research and practices for sustainable development /
Sustainable development of water and environment : proceedings of the ICSDWE 2022 /
Factfulness sustainabililty what you should know about ecological crises and resource consumption under the microscope /
Visions and strategies for a sustainable economy : theoretical and policy alternatives /
Stewarding sustainability transformations : an emerging theory and practice of SDG implementation /
Transition strategies for sustainable community systems : design and systems perspectives /
Sectoral plans and pilot projects for sustainable development : Sierra Calderona strategic plan, Spain /
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Markets and the Environment
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Countering 21st century social-environmental threats to growing global populations /
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Leading the necessary revolution : building alignment in your business for sustainability /
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