Call Number (LC) Title Results
HC517.E2 V4 Planning processes : the East African case / 1
HC517.E2 Z3 Studies in production and trade in East Africa / 1
HC517 .E2028 1966a An economic geography of East Africa / 1
HC517.G6 Colonialism and underdevelopment in Ghana / 1
HC517.G6 A63 Deficit financing, inflation and capital formation : the Ghanaian experience 1960-65. 1
HC517.G6 B52 A study of contemporary Ghana / 1
HC517.G6 D5 A historical geography of Ghana / 1
HC517.G6 D6 Modernization in Ghana and the U.S.S.R. : a comparative study / 1
HC517.G6 E93 1973 Economic development planning in Ghana. 1
HC517.G6 F67 The population of Ghana : a study of the spatial relationships of its sociocultural and economic characteristics / 1
HC517.G6 G4 Nationalism and economic development in Ghana. 1
HC517.G6 H68 1978 Colonialism and underdevelopment in Ghana / 1
HC517.G6 K38 The political economy of colonialism in Ghana ; a collection of documents and statistics, 1900-1960 / 1
HC517.G6 K54 1978 Development economics in action : a study of economic policies in Ghana / 1
HC517.G6 S74 After the crisis : longer-term prospects for the economy of Ghana : an inaugural lecture delivered on Thursday, 22nd March 1973 at the University of Ghana, Legon / 1
HC517.G6 S79 Small-scale employment and production in developing countries : evidence from Ghana / 2
HC517.G6 .T384 2011 Re-thinking Development in Africa : an Oral History Approach from Botoku, Rural Ghana. 1
HC517.G62 C363 Anatomy of an African town : a socio-economic study of Cape Coast, Ghana / 1
HC517.G62 V64 The changing economy of the Lower Volta, 1954-1967 : a study in the dynamics of rural economic growth / 1
HC517.K4 A6 Crisis in Kenya / 1