Call Number (LC) Title Results
HC110.C6 C76 2000 An all-consuming century : why commercialism won in modern America / 2
HC110.C6 C763 2015 Consumed nostalgia : memory in the age of fast capitalism / 1
HC110.C6 C763 2015eb Consumed nostalgia : memory in the age of fast capitalism / 1
HC110.C6 C84 1983 The Culture of consumption : critical essays in American history, 1880-1980 / 2
HC110.C6 D3 Profile of the black consumer. 1
HC110.C6 D475 2013eb A destiny of choice? : new directions in American consumer history / 1
HC110.C6 D49 The consumption of household durables : a behavioral review / 1
HC110.C6 D64 1975 Working wife and nonworking wife families as a basis for market segmentation / 1
HC110.C6 D846 2021 Retail racism : shopping while Black and Brown in America / 1
HC110.C6 D9 Dynamic aspects of consumer behavior / 1
HC110.C6 E3 1969 The Southern urban Negro as a consumer. 1
HC110.C6 E425 1985 The Elderly market : selected readings / 1
HC110.C6 E44 1988 The green consumer guide : from shampoo to champagne : high street shopping for a better environment / 1
HC110.C6 F22 1975 Validation of mother-child purchase influence frequency reports by the multitrait-multimethod matrix / 1
HC110.C6 F5 Finance facts yearbook. 1
HC110.C6 F58 The consumer and the new business cycle. 1
HC110.C6 F595 Psychological research on consumer behavior. 1
HC110.C6 F7 Consumer optimism weakening : ...a report of the national sample survey of consumer attitudes, expectations and buying intentions conducted by the Survey Research Center of the University of Michigan / 1
HC110.C6 F7 1966 Freedom of information in the market place : a collection of opinions expressed during the ninth annual Freedom of Information Conference held Dec. 4-6, 1966, at the Freedom of Information Center, School of Journalism, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri. 1
HC110.C6 F73 1996 Black America : an economic powerhouse in the dark / 1