Call Number (LC) Title Results
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GF71 .R47 2000 Due to the weather : ways the elements affect our lives / 1
GF71 .R57 1978 Climate and human variability / 1
GF71 .R68 2021 The Routledge handbook of the bioarchaeology of climate and environmental change / 1
GF71 .S5 The challenge of climate: man and his environment. 1
GF71 .T43 2022 No other planet : utopian visions for a climate-changed world / 1
GF71 .T5 1986 Climatic change and world affairs / 1
GF71 .U53 2010 Understanding climate's influence on human evolution / 1
GF71 .V35 Two concepts of race : human life zones, the road to academic integration / 1
GF71.V47 2023 The octopus in the parking garage : a call for climate resilience / 1
GF71 .V47 2023 The octopus in the parking garage : a call for climate resilience / 2
GF71 .V65 2009 Climate, affluence, and culture / 1
GF71 .V65 2009eb Climate, affluence, and culture / 2
GF71 .W3 1983 Fūdo : Ningenteki Kōsatsu / 1
GF71 .W43 2010 Climate change and security : a gathering storm of global challenges / 1
GF71 .W58 1811 Observations on the climate in different parts of America, compared with the climate in corresponding parts of the other continent. : To which are added, remarks on the different complexions of the human race; with some account of the aborigines of America. Being an introductory discourse to the History of North-Carolina / 1
GF71 .W67 2014 A world after climate change and culture-shift / 1
GF71 ebook Desplazamiento climático y resiliencia : modelo de atención a familias afectadas por el invierno en el Caribe colombiano : el caso del sur del Atlántico (2010-2011) / 1
GF73 .M57 2020 Hyper-socialised : how teachers enact the geography curriculum in late capitalism / 2
GF75 Cultural landscapes and environmental change /
The sixth extinction : biodiversity and its survival /
Artificial earth a genealogy of planetary technicity.
Exploring lifestyle changes in transition : a longitudinal mixed-methods approach /
People and Environment a Global Approach.
Frog pond philosophy : essays on the relationship between humans and nature /
Human-nature interactions in the anthropocene : potentials of social-ecological systems analysis /
What can I do to help heal the environmental crisis? /
How to fix a broken planet : advice for surviving the 21st century /
Ecological masculinities : theoretical foundations and practical guidance /
Right Research : Modelling Sustainable Research Practices in the Anthropocene /
Around the World in 80 Species : Exploring the Business of Extinction.
Understanding the changing planet : strategic directions for the geographical sciences /
Every Grain of Sand : Canadian Perspectives on Ecology and Environment.
25 myths that are destroying the environment : what many environmentalists believe and why they are wrong /
Embracing the Anthropocene A Conversation with Mark Maslin.
The Great Acceleration : an Environmental History of the Anthropocene since 1945 /
Environmentally sustainable growth : a pragmatic approach /
Anthropos and the material /
At nature's edge : the global present and long-term history /
A new ecology : systems perspective /
Human impact on the environment : an illustrated world atlas /
The epochal event transformations in the entangled human, technological, and natural worlds /
Infrastructural being : rethinking dwelling in a naturecultural world /
Green equilibrium : the vital balance of humans and nature /
Staying together natureculture in a changing world /
Climate without nature : a critical anthropology of the anthropocene /
The human impact on the natural environment : past, present and future /
Indigenous peoples, national parks, and protected areas a new paradigm linking conservation, culture, and rights /
Mensch macht natur : landschaft im anthropozän /
The anthropocene review
The Earth report : monitoring the battle for our environment /