Call Number (LC) Title Results
FACULTY PUB Pizzi Article 2015 Revisiting the mansions and gatehouses of criminal procedure: reflections on Yale Kamisar's famous essay /
Seeing red : anger increases how much Republican identification predicts partisan attitudes and percieved polarization /
FACULTY PUB Pizzi Article 2016 The effects of the "vanishing trial" on our incarceration rate /
Comparative reflections on Duncan v. Louisiana and Baldwin v. New York /
FACULTY PUB Ramsey Article 2002 The discretionary power of "public" prosecutors in historical perspective / 1
FACULTY PUB Ramsey Article 2003 Homicide on holiday : prosecutorial discretion, popular culture, and the boundaries of the criminal law / 1
FACULTY PUB Ramsey Article 2009 Commentary : was the bill of rights irrelevant to nineteenth-century state criminal procedure? /
In the sweat box : a historical perspective on the detention of material witnesses /
FACULTY PUB Ramsey Article 2010 Provoking change : comparative insights on feminist homicide law reform / 1
FACULTY PUB Ramsey Article 2011 Domestic violence and state intervention in the American West and Australia, 1860-1930 /
A diva defends herself : gender and domestic violence in an early twentieth-century headline trial /
FACULTY PUB Ramsey Article 2013 The exit myth : family law, gender roles, and chnging attitudes toward female victims of domestic violence / 1
FACULTY PUB Ramsey Article 2015 The stereotyped offender : domestic violence and the failure of intervention / 1
FACULTY PUB Ramsey Article 2017 Firearms in the family / 1
FACULTY PUB Reid Article 2010 Substitution effects : a problematic justification for the third-party doctrine of the fourth amendment / 1
FACULTY PUB Reid Article 2014 Third party captioning and copyright / 1
FACULTY PUB Reid Article 2016 Regulating software when everything has software / 1
FACULTY PUB Reitz The challenge of crime : rethinking our response /
Model penal code. report.
FACULTY PUB Richards Publishing and the law : current legal issues /
Towards a new vision of reference : kaleidoscopic collections and real librarians /
FACULTY PUB Ricke Article 1995 Sustainable use of the West's water. 1
FACULTY PUB Rosen Felder Article 2014 The accidental optimist / 1
FACULTY PUB Scarboro/White Constitutional criminal procedure : cases, questions, and notes / 1
FACULTY PUB Schlag Tactics of legal reasoning / 1
FACULTY PUB Schlag The enchantment of reason / 1