Call Number (LC) Title Results
FACULTY PUB Norton Article 2017 SIRI-OUSLY 2.0 : what artificial intelligence reveals about the First Amendment / 1
FACULTY PUB Norton Article 2018 Government lies and the press clause /
(At least) thirteen ways of looking at election lies /
FACULTY PUB Norton Article 2019 Powerful speakers and their listeners / 1
FACULTY PUB Oesterle Mergers and acquisitions in a nutshell /
The law of mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations /
The law of mergers and acquisitions /
Public land : how much is enough? /
FACULTY PUB Oesterle/Collins The Colorado state constitution : a reference guide / 1
FACULTY PUB Peppet Arbitration /
Mediation and other non-binding ADR processes /
Processes of dispute resolution : the role of lawyers /
The handbook of dispute resolution /
Negotiation /
Enlightened power : how women are transforming the practice of leadership /
Beyond winning : negotiating to create value in deals and disputes /
FACULTY PUB Peppet Article 2002 Can saints negotiate? : a brief introduction to the problems of perfect ethics in bargaining / 1
FACULTY PUB Peppet Article 2005 Lawyers' bargaining ethics, contract, and collaboration : the end of the legal profession and the beginning of professional pluralism / 1
FACULTY PUB Peppet Article 2011 Unraveling privacy : the personal prospectus and the threat of a full-disclosure future / 1
FACULTY PUB Peppet Article 2012 Freedom of contract in an augmented reality : the case of consumer contracts / 1
FACULTY PUB Peppet Article 2013 Prostitution 3.0? / 1
FACULTY PUB Peppet Article 2014 Regulating the internet of things : first steps toward managing discrimination, privacy, security, and consent / 1
FACULTY PUB Peterson Article 2012 A legal standard for post-colonial land reform / 1
FACULTY PUB Peterson Article 2013 Articulating moral bases for regional responses to deforestation and climate change: Africa / 1
FACULTY PUB Peterson Introduction 1964 Bibliographie des deutschen Rechts in englischer und deutscher Sprache : eine Auswahl = Bibliography of German law in English and German : a selection / 1
FACULTY PUB Pizzi International handbook of penology and criminal justice /
Critical race realism : intersections of psychology, race, and law /
Crime, procedure and evidence in a comparative and international context : essays in honour of Professor Mirjan Damaška /
Racial discrimination : a jurisprudential study /
L'americanisation des droits suisse et continentaux /
The prosecutor in transnational perspective /
The report of Governor Bill Owens' Columbine Review Commission.
Juicios y mentiras : cronica de la crisis del procesa penal Estadounidense /
Trials without truth : why our system of criminal trials has become an expensive failure and what we need to do to rebuild it /
FACULTY PUB Pizzi Article 2001 Jury selection errors on appeal / 1
FACULTY PUB Pizzi Article 2015 Revisiting the mansions and gatehouses of criminal procedure: reflections on Yale Kamisar's famous essay /
Seeing red : anger increases how much Republican identification predicts partisan attitudes and percieved polarization /
FACULTY PUB Pizzi Article 2016 Comparative reflections on Duncan v. Louisiana and Baldwin v. New York /
The effects of the "vanishing trial" on our incarceration rate /
FACULTY PUB Ramsey Article 2002 The discretionary power of "public" prosecutors in historical perspective / 1