Call Number (LC) Title Results
FACULTY PUB Anaya Article 2000 The United States Supreme Court and indigenous peoples : still a long way to go toward a therapeutic role / 1
FACULTY PUB Anaya Article 2002 The case of Awas Tingni v. Nicaragua : a new step in the international law of indigenous peoples / 1
FACULTY PUB Anaya Article 2004 International human rights and indigenous peoples : the move toward the multicultural state / 1
FACULTY PUB Anaya Article 2005 Indigenous peoples' participatory rights in relation to decisions about natural resource extraction : the more fundamental issue of what rights indigenous peoples have in lands and resources / 1
FACULTY PUB Anaya Article 2006 Today's Indian wars : between cyberspace and the United Nations /
Indian givers : what indigenous peoples have contributed to international human rights law /
FACULTY PUB Anaya Article 2007 Keynote address : indigenous peoples and their mark on the international legal system / 1
FACULTY PUB Anaya Article 2013 The human rights of indigenous peoples : United Nations developments / 1
FACULTY PUB Anaya Book Chapter 2004 Defending diversity : case studies / 1
FACULTY PUB Anaya Book Chapter 2008 Reparations for neglect of indigenous land rights at the intersection of domestic and international law - the Maya cases in the Supreme Court of Belize / 1
FACULTY PUB Anaya Book Chapter 2016 La consulta indĂ­gena : Colombia-PerĂș-Chile / 1
FACULTY PUB Anaya Book Chapter 2018 The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples : a commentary / 1
FACULTY PUB Anaya Chapter 2009 Human rights advocacy stories / 1
FACULTY PUB Banks Article 2015 A roundtable discussion on the no-injury rule of Colorado water law / 1
FACULTY PUB Beck Article 2017 Introducing Govinfo : a new source for federal government documents online / 1
FACULTY PUB Bernthal Article 2014 Procedural architecture matters : innovation policy at the Federal Communications Commission / 1
FACULTY PUB Bernthal Article 2016 Investment accelerators / 1
FACULTY PUB Bernthal Article 2017 Who needs contracts? : generalized exchange within investment accelerations / 1
FACULTY PUB Bernthal Article 2018 The evolution of entrepreneurial finance : a new typology / 1
FACULTY PUB Bintliff Best of Perspectives : teaching legal research and writing, volumes 1-9 (1992-2001)
A Representative sample of tenure documents for law librarians /
Fundamentals of legal research /
Public services in law libraries : evolution and innovation in the 21st century /
Legal information and the development of American law /
Colorado legal resources : an annotated bibliography /
FACULTY PUB Bintliff/Selden AALL centennial variety show 2006 1