Call Number (LC) Title Results
F74.N5 C66 2019 Went to the devil : a Yankee whaler in the slave trade / 1
F74.N5 G84 2001 The fugitive's Gibraltar : escaping slaves and abolitionism in New Bedford, Massachusetts / 2
F74.N5 K38 2017 Race, politics, and basketball : a cultural education of everyday life / 1
F74.N5 M85 2012 New Bedford's Civil War / 1
F74.N5 M85 2012eb New Bedford's Civil War / 1
F74.N55 C8 1977 The history of Newburyport, Massachusetts, 1764-1905 / 1
F74.N55 D484 Lord Timothy Dexter of Newburyport, Mass. : first in the East, first in the West, and the greatest philosopher in the western world / 1
F74.N55 D4843 Timothy Dexter revisited / 1
F74.N55 D5093 A pickle for the knowing ones or, Plain truths in a homespun dress / 1
F74.N55 L3 Patriots and partisans: the merchants of Newburyport, 1764-1815. 1
F74.N55 L9 Old New England traits, 1
F74.N55 M3 Federalist Newburyport, or, Can historical fiction remove a fly from amber? 1
F74.N55 T63 1897 The colonial book of the Towle Mfg. Co. : which is intended to delineate and describe some quaint and historic places in Newburyport and vicinity and show the origin and beauty of the colonial pattern of silverware. 1
F74.N55 T7 An outline of the life and works of Col. Paul Revere : with a partial catalogue of silverware bearing his name. 1
F74.N58 C5 Under the old elms / 1
F74.N8 L43 2008 A shoemaker's story : being chiefly about French Canadian immigrants, enterprising photographers, rascal Yankees, and Chinese cobblers in a nineteenth-century factory town / 1
F74.N86 G5 1899 Northampton in the Spanish-American War / 1
F74.N86 K53 1999 Home town / 1
F74.N86 N67 1930 Northampton and Smith College : photo-gravures. 1
F74.N86 N674 1892 Picturesque Northampton : the public buildings, churches, and street and bird's eye views. 1