Call Number (LC) Title Results
EP 1.23/9:600/8-90/064 Technical support document on risk assessment of chemical mixtures. 1
EP 1.23/9:600/8-90/080 F Indoor air-assessment an inventory of indoor air quality research in the United States, 1989-1990. 1
EP 1.23/9:600/8-91/004 Preparation aids for the development of Category II quality assurance project plans / 1
EP 1.23/9:600/8-91/005 Preparation aids for the development of Category III quality assurance project plans / 1
EP 1.23/9:600/8-91/007 Feasibility of environmental monitoring and exposure assessment for a municipal waste combustor Rutland, Vermont pilot study. 1
EP 1.23/9:600/8-91/008 Geo-EAS 1.2.1 geostatistical environmental assessment software : user's guide / 1
EP 1.23/9:600/8-91/031 Methodology for assessing environmental releases of and exposure to municipal solid waste combustor residuals 1
EP 1.23/9:600/8-91/037 Health assessment document for vermiculite 1
EP 1.23/9:600/8-91/038 Selection criteria for mathematical models used in exposure assessments atmospheric dispersion models. 1
EP 1.23/9:600/8-91/045 Selection of adduct-forming chemicals for human monitoring studies 1
EP 1.23/9:600/8-91/049 AF Air quality criteria for oxides of nitrogen 1
EP 1.23/9:600/8-91/217 Health assessment document for talc 1
EP 1.23/9:600/R-92/199 Summary review of health effects associated with mercuric chloride 1
EP 1.23/10-2: Environmental Technology Verification Program quarterly report. 1
EP 1.23/10-3: The Monitor : the quarterly newsletter of the ETV Advanced Monitoring Systems (AMS) pilot. 1
EP 1.23/10-4: ETVoice. 1
EP 1.23/10-5: The Detector 1
EP 1.23/10:600/F-94/004 Viral and microbial methods for ground water. 1
EP 1.23/10:600/F-94/011 The development and utilization of automated and semi-automated microbial mutagenicity assays : cooperative research and development agreement with Spiral Biotech, Incorporated. 1
EP 1.23/10:600/F-94/012 Visual function studies during exposure to a mixture of diabasic esters (DBE) in Long-Evans rats : cooperative research and development agreement with E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company. 1