Call Number (LC) Title Results
E668 .N11 2017 From oligarchy to republicanism : the great task of reconstruction / 1
E668 .N24 Andrew Johnson: Congress and Reconstruction / 1
E668 .N83 1965a The cotton states in the spring and summer of 1875. 1
E668 .P32 The reconstruction of the Nation / 1
E668 .P37 1866i Revolution and reconstruction two lectures delivered in the Law School of Harvard College, in January, 1865, and January, 1866 / 2
E668 .P43 1973 Reunion without compromise; the South and Reconstruction: 1865-1868. -
Reunion without compromise : the South and Reconstruction: 1865-1868.
E668 .P43 1973eb Reunion without compromise : the South and Reconstruction: 1865-1868 / 1
E668 .P54 1868i The two systems of government proposed for the rebel states speech of Edward L. Pierce, at the Town House, Milton, October 31, 1868. 1
E668 .P64 1974 The lost cause regained / 1
E668 .P65 1868i The lost cause regained 1
E668 .P94 2014 Stories of the South : race and the Reconstruction of southern identity, 1865-1915 / 1
E668 .P945 2019 Between freedom and progress : the lost world of Reconstruction politics / 1
E668 .P98 The review of the revolutionary elements of the rebellion, and of the aspect of reconstruction; with a plan to restore harmony between the two races in the southern states. 1
E668 .Q54 Prelude to the radicals : the North and Reconstruction during 1865 / 1
E668 .R13 1984 But there was no peace : the role of violence in the politics of Reconstruction / 1
E668 .R15 Radicalism, racism, and party realignment : the border states during Reconstruction / 1
E668 .R18 The Ku Klux Klan : a century of infamy. 1
E668 .R24 1969 The existing conflict between republican government and Southern oligarchy. 1
E668 .R35 2016 Reconstruction : a historical encyclopedia of the American mosaic / 1
E668 .R36 2022 Reconstruction and empire : the legacies of abolition and Union victory for an imperial age / 1