Call Number (LC) Title Results
E295 .W29 The group a farce : as lately acted, and to be re-acted, to the wonder of all superior intelligences; nigh head quarters at Amboyne : in two acts. 1
E296 F75 Revolutionary reader : reminiscences and Indian legends / 1
E296 .G22 Anecdotes of the American revolution illustrative of the talents and virtues of the heroes and patriots, who acted the most conspicuous parts therein / 1
E296 .G25 1990 Great stories of the American revolution / 2
E296 .G26 Sidelights on the American Revolution
Sidelights on the American Revolution /
E296 .H33 The chaplains and clergy of the revolution 1
E296 .H78 The old farm and the new farm : a political allegory /
The old farm and the new farm a political allegory /
E296 .L77 The legends of the American revolution "1776.", Or, Washington and his generals ... / 1
E296 .W35 Noble deeds of our fathers : as told by soldiers of the revolution gathered around the old bell of independence / 1
E297 .A527 The American Revolution : changing perspectives / 1
E297 .B405 A sermon preached at the Stone Chapel in Boston, September 12, 1790 1
E297 .B79 An eulogium of the brave men who have fallen in the contest with Great Britain delivered on Monday, July 5, 1779. Before a numerous and respectable assembly of citizens and foreigners, in the German Calvinist Church, Philadelphia / 1
E297 .C78 The American Revolution and the British Empire : the Sir George Watson lectures for 1928, delivered before the University of London in the winter of 1928-9 / 1
E297 .D54 The revolution of sober expectations. 1
E297 .F76 2008 From oratory to scholarship : two centuries of talks on the American Revolution given before the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey / 1
E297 .G607 A sermon preached before the honorable House of Representatives, on the day intended for the choice of counsellors, agreeable to the advice of the Continental Congress 1
E297 .G7 The ambiguity of the American Revolution / 1
E297 .J78 Defensive war in a just cause sinless A sermon, preached on the day of the continental fast, at Tredyffryn, in Chester County. 1
E297 .J92 A moral review of the revolutionary war, or some of the evils of that event considered A discourse delivered at the Unitarian Church, Augusta, Sabbath evening, March 13th, 1842. With an introductory address, and notes / 1
E297 .K74 The American Revolution as a successful revolution. 2