Call Number (LC) Title Results
E185.61 .W86 1966 The strange career of Jim Crow / 1
E185.61 .W86 1974 The strange career of Jim Crow /
The strange career of Jim Crow
E185.61.W86 2002eb The strange career of Jim Crow / 1
E185.61 .W923 Southern race progress : the wavering color line / 1
E185.61 .W934 2019 The world of Jim Crow America : a daily life encyclopedia / 1
E185.61 .W935 2003 The rise and fall of Jim Crow / 1
E185.61 .W976 Forgotten voices : dissenting southerners in an age of conformity / 1
E185.61 .W978 The Black protest movement,
The Black protest movement /
E185.61 .Y36 2018 Backlash : what happens when we talk honestly about racism in America / 1
E185.61 .Y5 A minority group in American society / 1
E185.61 .Y72 Roots of rebellion : the evolution of Black politics and protest since World War II / 1
E185.61 .Y73 1966 To be equal / 1
E185.61 .Z49 SNCC, the new abolitionists. 1
E185.61 .Z49 1965 SNCC : the new abolitionists. 1
E185.61 .Z5 The Southern mystique / 1
E185.61 ǂb B728 2001eb The Cold War and the Color Line : American Race Relations in the Global Arena / 1
E185.61 ǂb B728 2001eb The Cold War and the Color Line : American Race Relations in the Global Arena / 1
E185.61 b .G861 1982 A Guide to the microfilm edition of Papers of the NAACP. 1
E185.61 ebook Una historia del movimiento negro estadounidense en la era post derechos civiles (1968-1988) / 1
E185.615 Color, class, identity : the new politics of race /
The impossible revolution, phase II : Blackpower and the American dream /
Blacks and Jews : alliances andarguments /
Afro Asia : revolutionary political and cultural connections between African Americans and Asian Americans /
Protest and prejudice : a study of belief in the Black community /
The Black power movement.
Class, race, and the civil rights movement /
Race and contention in twenty-first century U.S. media
Ballots or bullets
Black Politics in Transition : Immigration, Suburbanization, and Gentrification.
Contours of African American politics.
Into the fire : African Americans since 1970 /
Charting the Range of Black Politics.
A Kinder, Gentler Racism? : the Reagan-Bush Civil Rights Legacy.
How social movements die : repression and demobilization of the Republic of New Africa /
Blacks in and out of the left /
Blacks in and out of the left
Laundering Black rage : the washing of Black death, people, property, and profits /
Trumpism, Bigotry, and the Threat to American Democracy
Killing African Americans : police and vigilante violence as a racial control mechanism /
Double exposure : poverty & race in America /
White racism : the basics /
East meets black : Asian and black masculinities in the post-civil rights era /
Stars for freedom : Hollywood, Black celebrities, and the civil rights movement /
The Fruits of Integration : Black Middle-Class Ideology and Culture, 1960-1990.
On the ground : the Black Panther Party in communities across America /
Blacks in politics
The Rhetoric of Black Mayors : In Their Own Words.
Just neighbors? : research on African American and Latino relations in the United States /
Keeping faith philosophy and race in America /
Coming home : how black Americans will re-elect Trump /
Free the land : the Republic of New Afrika and the pursuit of a Black nation-state /
Reckoning : Black Lives Matter and the democratic necessity of social movements /
Living Racism : Through the Barrel of the Book.
Talking black and white : an intercultural exploration of twenty-first-century racism, prejudice, and perception /
The assault on communities of color : exploring the realities of race-based violence /
Traveling texts and the work of Afro-Japanese cultural production : two haiku and a microphone /
Rethinking the American race problem /
The myth of post-racial America : searching for equality in the age of materialism /
Black against empire : the history and politics of the Black Panther Party /
And We Are Not Saved : the Elusive Quest for Racial Justice /
Power to the people : the world of the Black Panthers /
Conservative but not Republican : the paradox of party identification and ideology among African Americans /
The movement for Black lives : philosophical perspectives /
Without justice for all : the new liberalism and our retreat from racial equality /
Out of Oakland : Black Panther Party internationalism during the Cold War /
The hidden roots of white supremacy : and the path to a shared American future /
African Americans in conservative movements : the inescapability of race /
The tribalization of politics : how Rush Limbaugh's race-baiting rhetoric on the Obama presidency paved the way for Trump /
Racial realism and the history of black people in America /
Framing the Black Panthers : the spectacular rise of a Black power icon /
Living racism : through the barrel of the book /
The color of compromise : the truth about the American church's complicity in racism /
The Harvest of American Racism : The Political Meaning of Violence in the Summer of 1967 /
Reconstruction and the arc of racial (in) justice /
Metaracism : how systemic racism devastates Black lives--and how we break free /
Making all Black lives matter : reimagining freedom in the twenty-first century /
Trumpism, bigotry, and the threat to American democracy /