Call Number (LC) Title Results
E182 .P466 "Old Bruin": Commodore Matthew C. Perry, 1794-1858 : the American naval officer who helped found Liberia. 1
E182 .P47 The American navy: being an authentic history of the United States navy and biographical sketches of American naval heroes, from the formation of the navy to the close of the Mexican war. / 1
E182 .P8 The United States and world sea power / 1
E182 .P84 1967 The compact history of the United States Navy / 1
E182.P88 P7 Preble's boys : Commodore Preble and the birth of American sea power. 1
E182 .Q37 1997 Quarterdeck and bridge : two centuries of American naval leaders / 1
E182.R68 J6 Rear Admiral John Rodgers, 1812-1882. 1
E182 .R84 Picture history of the U.S. Navy : from old Navy to new, 1776-1897 / 1
E182 .R91 First line of defense : the U.S. Navy since 1945 / 1
E182 .S34 Forty-five years under the flag / 1
E182 .S36 1985 Shaping a maritime empire : the commercial and diplomatic role of the American Navy, 1829-1861 / 1
E182 .S45 United States Navy biographical dictionary. 1
E182 .S5 A short sketch of the life of Elijah Shaw who served for twenty-two years in the Navy of the United States, taking an active part in four different wars between the United States & foreign powers; namely, first--with France, in 1798; second--with Tripoli, from 1802 to 1805; third--with England from 1812 to 1815; fourth--with Algiers, from 1815 to 1816: and assisted in subduing the pirates from 1822 to 1826. 1
E182 .S54 2022 Commanding petty despots : the American Navy in the new republic / 1
E182.S564 D7 1984 The empire of the seas : a biography of Rear Admiral Robert Wilson Shufeldt, USN / 1
E182 .S57 The Congress founds the Navy, 1787-1798. 1
E182 .S574 2018 To master the boundless sea : the U.S. Navy, the marine environment, and the cartography of empire / 1
E182 .S588 2023 Sailing the graveyard sea : the deathly voyage of the Somers, the U.S. Navy's only mutiny, and the trial that gripped the nation / 1
E182 .S64 1959i The Congress founds the Navy, 1787-1798 1
E182 .S76 A history of the United States navy / 1