Call Number (LC) Title Results
E173 .B4 American memory : being a mirror of the stirring and picturesque past of Americans and the American nation ... together with loving studies and first accounts of many things uniquely American ... set down in the vigorous prose of those who saw and experienced these things / 1
E173 .B5 The making of American democracy : readings and documents / 1
E173 .B52 The making of American democracy : readings and documents / 1
E173 .B7 An American primer / 1
E173 .B76 Speech of Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, on the "Measures of adjustment," delivered in the city hall, Chicago, October 23, 1850.
Principles and measures. : Declaration of the Convention of "Radical Political Abolitionists," at Syracuse, June 26th, 27th, and 28th, 1855. : We believe slaveholding to be an unsurpassed crime ..
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In Senate, February 8, 1827 Ordered, that Messrs. Taft, Kendall from Suffolk, and Marston, be a committee to take into consideration the expediency of so amending "an act in relation lotteries," passed March 4th, 1826, as more effectually to suppress the sale of tickets in the same. Attest, Paul Willard, clerk. ; In Senate, February, 12, 1827. The aforesaid committee, having considered the subject, report a bill. Per order, Bezaleel Taft, Jun.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Treasury Office, June 5th, 1829 Sir--By an order of the hon. House of Representatives of the first instant I am directed to lay before them "a statement of the annual expense of the printing for the two houses of the legislature for the last ten years ... the enclosed statement is a compliance with the order ... Joseph Sewall, treasurer.
The dawn.
To the honourable General Court of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, now in session the petition of the Hampshire and Hampden Canal Company ...
E173 .B76 1854 To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled : the memorial of the representatives of the Religious Society of Friends, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and parts adjacent, respectfully showeth ; That the Religious Society of Friends has long held and openly professed to the world, an unwavering conviction that the holding of our fellow men in bondage ... is totally irreconcileable with the just and benign principles of the Christian religion. .. 1
E173 .B76 1857 Hymns and songs for the festival in Faneuil Hall, in commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, Friday evening, January 2, 1857. 1
E173 .B77 1901 Essays in historical criticism ... / 1
E173 .B77 1967 Essays in historical criticism. 1
E173 .B79 Living letters from American history / 1
E173 .B84 2009 Big! : big records, big events, and big ideas in American history : celebrating 75 years of the National Archives / 1
E173 .B87 no. 2 The early history of the colonial post-office / 1
E173 .B9 1954i By these words great documents of American liberty, selected and placed in their contemporary settings / 1
E173 .C vol.12 Washington and his comrades in arms : a chronicle of the War of Independence / 1
E173 .C vol. 28 The anti-slavery crusade a chronicle of the gathering storm / 1
E173 .C vol. 31 Captains of the civil war : a chronicle of the blue and the gray / 1
E173 .C vol. 34 The American spirit in literature : a chronicle of great interpreters / 1
E173 .C15 v.11 Official explorations for Pacific railroads 1853-1855 / 1
E173 .C15 v.17, no.3 Anglo-French relations, 1763-1770 : a study of Choiseul's foreign policy / 1
E173 .C15 v. 52 The millennial kingdom of the Franciscans in the New World : a study of the writings of GerĂ³nimo de Mendieta (1525-1604) / 1